Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yet again we discuss...

Tellhing the boy to use soap is similar to discussing the discetion of a frog or a mouse.
He finds soap to be repellant. I don't know why, we have a selection of scents to choose from. We have allowed him the chance to pick whatever soap he wants and will use, same goes for shampoo.
One would think we are tearing out his toenails with tweezers to get him to use soap.
Soap is a big issue.
I prefer the bath and body works scents,
The boy tells me he relaxes in the shower and then forgets to use soap. He also forgets to use deoderant and body spray and then smells like a camel.
Fighting with him over this is a pain in the neck. I have offered the use of exfoilants, to remove the dead skin cells, or a wash cloth or anything. My next move is to do an automatic dump of soap on his head and all over his body and then let him get it off the best way he can.
I have heard that this is typical with teen boys. they all reek to high heaven and refuse to shower or be clean. If that is so, how can any girl or anyone want to be anywhere near stinky people? Obviously the olefactory senses are not working but still.....

I cannot comprehend how he doesn't care. It is beyond me. He smells AWFUL and he is OK with that? Do they all stink? Obviously listening to parents is highly over rated because he doesn't listen to me at all. His lack of concern about showering with soap and water is absoutley amazing....and it is a huge wast of water. I fuss when I can't get  a shower or a bath when I want one and he is deliberately stinky?

My gosh we have to constantly get on him and now with the shaving thing....OMG....Maybe a hair remover and just spread it all over his head? It might truthfully be easier.

Boys don't just stink, they reak too.