Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cleaning out the school papers

When do you know to clean out the school papers?
Hear and now i will confess: we are horders. Prior to yesterday I had not tossed homework since 8th grade. Not one page with even a drawing on it. We are seriously pathetic.

The boy was there when we finally tossed papers from his first year in HS. He hasn't looked at them in a years time. We probably have copies on the san drive so recouping them is not a big deal. I have kept the big projects, like the 2 cooking things that he did and the larger papers and research projects that he busted himself on. The rest of it....gone. I think really the reason we did it was because I have a BOX full of my stuff from school. There is a gob of stuff, and there are so many cards, papers and report cards that I am going to shred (he isn't allowed to know my grades- lets just say I was not very motivated as a student).

He is motivated and he is a good student (better than his Mom that is for certain). Technically, HE has to be a better student than I was; he has to work harder at the social part of school and the only thing that is saving his butt now is that the boy is smart. The boy is very smart; all B's right now so that means he is appropriately placed in his classrooms. AND I know I keep going back to Edison and Einstein but if you really think about HOW smart they were and the routines their lives were in, the inclinations for being Aspie are there.

So we get rid of papers, old books he hasn't looked at in a years time. We reorganized the home office.... well the boys did. I am still sick so I did partial duty. The beauty is that we did get things out of the house, the papers are gone (so we don't look like horders) and we did find some stuff for his scrap book (I wondered where those wresting snaps had got to). Now if I could get off my butt, feel better and start scrapbooking the HS papers and such the boy won't end up with a moster box like I had and maybe he will just have a couple notebooks from finals and a few items from classes to take with him as he develops into a young gentleman (let me dream OK).

Today's selected video is Alice Coopers "schools out".