Thursday, September 25, 2014

Handwriting issues- more Aspies have it than not

HEY YOU - yes I am talking to you.

My kid's handwriting sucks. REALLY BAD.
He will type, dictate, or try to write and then ask to dictate to one of us. This is serious business. As time goes by there supposedly is NO excuse for god-awful handwriting. At least that is what we are told now after hearing that kids don't need to write or be able to write clearly and legibly.

I do not concur.

During the time that MOST gen kids are doing their handwriting bit- since 2013 articles indicate that even cursive is not being taught but the focus on teaching to the testing is more prevalent. SERIOUSLY? So most of these kids do not learn penmanship in school any longer. My God no wonder none of us can read a blooming thing one of these kids have written.

Most teachers will not accept work that is dictated. Did you know that?
OK so if we are NOT teaching handwriting in schools - my son did not learn penmanship and at home during that time I was trying to work on reading, and taking him to museums, zoos and the like so he could be good at something. I did NOT focus on penmanship at home I mistakenly thought that was taught at school.

SO now what do we do. Well, we are encouraging the boy to dictate - there are things that use the spoken word to type out what he needs on the computer. WE also are having him practice his keyboarding. Although proper finger location is not taught at school either. I think my old typing teacher would be appalled. I am attempting to teach him the key thing that I learned but it is pretty slow going. Honestly I did NOT get good at typing until after I went back to work. I do not know what my WPM is but I know that I can go pretty quickly when I need to.

And yes I TYPE a lot. I can think and type pretty much at the same time. BUT I have had practice, and I CAN STILL PRINT AND USE CURSIVE. The other night I had writers cramp. How often does that happen any more? We get tendinitis from typing or using the mouse- writers cramp is one of those odd things that used to come up years ago....
I guess the thing is that really taking more "teaching to the testing" whether anyone will admit it or not - taking handwriting out is such a little thing....that in the long term means a lot.

My Mom will still prefer a pretty written note to some typewritten old thing. She enjoys the fun of getting the mail and having something coming to her.
Using email to communicate is fine. I do it.  Same with FB and all the other online things available.
BUT the actual written word may be going out as much as we all think. And more's the pity I say- because although my handwriting is loops and curls and all that - I still believe that writing things down is important.

 So although some people will not be teaching their kids cursive and some will I am still not sure what we will do. I would like to teach my Aspie cursive. and hopefully he will understand why it is so important.and maybe just maybe someone will take a gander at the "Common Core" and realize that focusing on just that is going to loose us all (gen and Aspie) in the long run....taking out the things that make people well, cultured, is really cutting a generation of students to the absolute bare minimum of learning. The Common Core doesn't make everyone learn the same. It appears to make everyone drones and not thinking for themselves or outside their boxes.

Think about it. There is little art and music taught unless you as a student are focusing on Art or Music. My band director from HS taught me to learn the different instrument playing in a symphony. He did - and although I am not the most musically inclined person I will admit that doing that helped me to learn to appreciate the symphony (and gave me something to do in case it got boring).My first real art class was in college - the professor liked how I saw things and put up with me in his art room. He allowed me to paint, and see things the way I did and I was lucky to get so much out of it. I will never be a Rembrandt or Picasso but him teaching me "Less is MORE" is something that I  have applied to my entire life.

Any more a student practically has to be a rare talent in elementary school- there are Aspies who are GOOD at art. they can draw, paint, use pencil or whatever. These things are taught to them at home and then expounded upon at school. As for me; I didn't focus on that part. My son had a natural ability towards history and reading - so we are now working on the things we missed (art, music and penmanship) when we were trying to teach him to talk at age 5 (normally verbal starts at (1-3 years old).

Looks like I have my work cut out for me......

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Did you catch it? We did.

There is a new virus going around.
the boy brought it home to share with us and both the cuter one and I got it. The boy and cute one are pretty much over it.
Not me.

I have not gotten "Go to the doc sick" in probably 2 years. Since we left for London. I have not been sick, not even a sniffle... and I am now flat on my back sick with the good antibiotics and feel like someone dropped Troubles on my head.

The weird thing is that the boy is seemingly OK. We aren't sure how classes are going. He tells us fine - we aren't sure how to take some of his comments....although one prof this year about had me blowing my stack.....and the cute one and I have learned to let go. There are no traditional supports for a higher functioning student like ours; well there is note-taking and that seems to be about it. with note-taking you can tell the compassion function in most classrooms with certain students is just not there. Maybe it is that these people don't wish others to think they are friends with the boy. Or maybe he is just being big dumb and dopey....either is possible and I have no clue which it could be.

We have been so ill around here I could not tell you when the boy's assignments are due or what he needs to work on next.
I am too sick to really care and frankly it is time for him to start running the bases. That and he really HAS to graduate soon. I really can't handle any more boy+school=stressed out boy.

Oddly enough there are parents who get all excited that their kids are coming home from school and are living with them. We aren't those parents. Our plan is to get the boy to move out on his own in his own place.....yup. He has to function and do it. The laundry, his vitamins/meds, the cleaning, the cooking, paying bills, scheduling and all that good stuff.

He's gonna love it.

Although I think we will probably have to get him to the point where he is able to do everything that everyone else does on his own.

In the meantime, I need more tea/lemon/honey; this is what you get when you can't take cough syrup any longer.