Saturday, July 19, 2014

Does anyone know what time it is?

Do you remember that old song?
Does anyone care about time?

This has been a weird summer. I know, I say that a lot.
However with all the experiences and all the other stuff we had to do this summer....the summer just got weird, wild, overwhelming, confusing and best of all "How did a nice couple like us end up with all this mess?"

We have pretty much stopped everything. Literally. We have only been able to focus on Princess. She has needed a lot of extra help and attention this summer. This is fine - we are enjoying helping, figuring things out and still trying to keep up with our commitments (OK- so the commitments have been pushed back a bit)

Essentially, this summer,  our Aspie boy has had to make it on his own. He tried. Really he did. However, he did have to drop a class. I never ever thought that could or would happen. He used to be really smart. He could academically handle everything.....this class really nailed his sorry butt to the wall. There was no way for his grade to recover and although in one major this class is a requirement in the other major it isn't so he will probably NOT take it again.... nonetheless we were trying to get him to understand that although he dropped a class with a teacher who had no book - and what he had made it seem like he was teaching a theory class and not the class listed in the description.

On another note what is with these teachers that are unable to teach a described course? Yeah, be interesting to yourself but it is UNLIKELY that your students think you have a clue or maybe have your head screwed on backwards.

With all the hectic-ness of the summer we are kind of missing things that we need to do. Some stuff, like opening the patio and setting up outdoors....well that is not going to be happening this summer. This last week I wish we had it set up at least bro and nephew were in town and it would have been easier to have them outside than in....its OK I know I need to sweep and vacuum more often than I do. Having them here meant I kept the vacuum plugged in for my daily use.....

The boy is getting really good at laundry- Princess has needed extra help with laundry, and since the cuter half and I are not always available to do it... he does it. The boy is learning about vinegar rinses, when to use more than one Tide pod..... and if something smells really bad to wash it through again prior to putting it in the dryer.

The cuter half and I have learned a number of things too.

We have learned that if it does not directly affect us at this given point and time it is unlikely that we will give it much merit. As I told my supervisor at work, "I want to be empathetic/sympathetic but I cannot emotionally afford to get drawn up into the drama of this other person. I have to and will walk away until it is over." In fact, the other day, it was SO bad I had to go hide to try and get over my migraine. I told my supervisor why I was walking away ....I do not have room for extraneous drama. The cuter half agrees with me although he thinks that I get worried and fussed over nothing.

Did you know that migraines can last for more than a day? I have had mine for now going on 4. I even pulled my glasses out to see if it could help. Most of the time my migraines are noise induced....and because of this I am very sensitive to any kind of irritating noise. Almost any kind of noise can set me off....So here I am with the boy (noise) and I get set off, the cats meow (noise)- a fan blowing (noise), the dishwasher (noise) eyes start twitching and my sinuses start messing on me and well there I head right into the nerve bending headache of the century.

We have learned that no matter how much we plan a head there are some times that when you have bought your lifetime supply of Tide pods, hand soap and sanitizers  there comes a moment of clarity, " What the hell do I need another thing of soap for? Why am I doing this to myself and what the ____ was I thinking?" At one point we were told to plan ahead for the Princess. We had to be ready for anything. Now we are trying to figure out what the heck we are going to do with all the stuff we have for her use. Are we were able to return things if we don't know where the receipt is....the rest we are just going to use for her stuff alone.

It is kind of blowing my mind that we are in this position. I have always kind of figured that this is what is going to happen with the boy. However I still wonder at his maturity level worries me. I get concerned when all of his information is coming from Cartoon Network....that kind of bothers me. We are trying to incorporate a more family and higher level TV watching mode but it isn't working. I still want to know WHY we pay for the damn cable why can't we block what we do not want?

The other thing this summer - renting a storage unit. I have done this before, when I was moving. and well, it does make life interesting. This particular one is rather small and down the hall from a rat catcher. It kind of grosses me out but I guess at least it is there and hopefully gets cleaned out....I mean I hope they don't have rats but it is nice to know there is something in place if they do. It is like walking through CellBlock H....or at least that is the way it feels- ghastly orange doors in a long gray trimmed row..... I much preferred the unit I had rented years ago- it was outdoors and on the first floor....easy and not nearly visually nerve wracking. We were leaving today and I swear I saw a bat- the cuter half insisted it was a bird, but I don't think so...

I suppose, this whole summer thing, has been good for the boy. He is finding out what he is capable of doing- and what he doesn't do when I ask him to....which if it isn't Princess' laundry there are little or no guarantees..

As for me, and the cuter half, we have more to do and more to figure out and a garden to straighten out....I have a feeling we are going to be weeding with the car headlights beaming on us some evening just because we are so far behind right now.....