Saturday, March 3, 2018

I still don't like watching pseudo drama bs

The cute one told me to edit this - so here goes


things have changed but are still the same; we are older the boy is taller than we are. Cute one and I are trying to figure out what to do with/for the boy and then new programing comes on - as I mentioned on FB earlier in the evening I lasted about 5 min (a long time for me). My usual leaving time after banal tv programing is 2-3 minutes; where I walk out of the room in utter disgust; which makes little impression on anyone here (they are used to it).

I admit it. I am an unmitigated TV snob. I don't like most programing (poor writing, bad acting, it gets worse from there)  Watching programing about people with Aspergers, autism and the like is just beyond frustrating. It is like ripping off a poorly stitched scar with the band aid tape stuck in the middle; like sharp finger nails on a chalk board.....I just can't handle it.

People that say they "get it"; and write these roses and sunshine stories about how the big bad doctor was a dick to the poor autistic doctor what else is new? What we have found over the years is that a quasi-acceptance happens if you stay in your damned box and if you move or shift outside of the box you were placed in. Otherwise, forget about it baby your time is up and you are done (churches we have attended are especially box inhibiting - but that is for another post).

We have had educators blow more smoke up our ass than you could care to count. At this rate cute one and I will both be lucky if we don't get second-hand-smoke anal cancer. I am serious btw. I am very cranky and tired tonight but that new doctor program just set me off and totally pissed me off.

I believe this era is one of the most judgemental and unaccepting; I have seen that for the last 8 years..... If you think you want to alter my opinion -I will believe acceptance  it when I see it happening in my own backyard.

I am so effing tired it would make your head spin.

Push me around and tell me about acceptance and understanding and I will tell you to go straight to hell and rotate on your scabbard.

See a little cleaner.... and I smarted off to another person tonight. I am tired of people contacting me only when they need something from me. It is getting totally stale.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Scanning Papers

I am scanning papers I found today. Most is just typical family type stuff that you have - don't need a hard copy for and then can toss.

After looking at some of the papers today I am again reminded why I keep myself apart from many hurtful situations. Most of it I had forgotten I had saved copies of - and what I had saved.... I think that most people don't think about what is out there and who will go thru your stuff when you aren't around. I know the cute one and I could have bought stock in paper shredders at one point. Now I am still going through the papers and not understanding why my Dad decided to save what he did.

 As far and the mean-spirited comments and notes; there are no words; just wow. Just wow.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Freaking out the Aspie or "50 year old Purge"

2018 has been the year of freaking out the house aspie aka the boy.

The cute one and I have been clearing out stuff. Seriously making an effort to purge stuff we don't need/want/use. If it is questionable we say we will keep it for a year and if it goes unused it GOES.

The first thing we did was get some furniture. the first time in like 20 years and we finally have bedroom furniture that matches. I know right- crazy..... I had been talking about taking over the home office and making it my closet so that the cute one would have the entire closet in the master.....he decided that moving his stuff to a ginormous armour (which is LOVELY btw) would make space.....I emptied 1 closet (10 year old suits went bye bye) and getting rid of old purses/shoes/scarves....and general junk....well we are almost there.

Damn snow put a kink into things but we can empty the extra unneeded furniture out of the dining room soon.

I think the biggest thing for me is making the effort....I have a lot of stuff from when I worked for different companies/organizations and such that frankly it is unlikely I will ever use again. So why keep it? In the hopes I will get a job where I have to match my shoes to my shirt and earrings (damn it I do that anyway I don't need this many pairs of shoes). The cute one was calling some of it "nasty old lady shoes" and "Why do you need that? You won't wear that orange crushed velvet jacket - make it go away"
He is right.

Anyway - in this house any kind of change automatically flips out the reigning house aspie. the boy. He does not do well with small changes....making huge ones (shit we can actually walk into a room without dealing with a bunch of boxes) well that kind of messes with his psyche.....and he feels weird about living in a room that I keep telling him I am going to condemn (not really).

the cool thing is - I am sleeping better. I am not surrounded (or feeling so) about having all this stuff....and I am actually enjoying having things all in one place... I know I don't need to go to the newest Lancome gift with purchase- I have a box full of stuff and I have just opened my new Defincils (waterproof black mascara- ****** the best EVER). I am using up the creams and all the other stuff that there is just a drop left and tossing the containers....and you know what - it is getting clear. Not being over burdened with stuff is very freeing. Did Thourou say that

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. - Henry David Thoreau

What we see around us is what is important. Giving us that freedom to choose what we need and not what we think we want in the moment.....that is a big as climbing a mountain.

We will continue with our "50 year old death purge" although neither of us are going to die any time soon (you couldn't get that lucky - vultures). And we will go forth and enjoy what we have and what we are doing and where we are thinking we want to go without having a huge amount of stuff to hold us back and make us think we need to keep it all.....

who knew that really going through your house could make one feel good about life... we have a long way to go but at least we will have a great time figuring it all out together.