Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Car ride thoughts

Some of the best things we talk about are on car rides.

The cuter half and I can solve all the worlds problems in 20 minutes or less. KIDDING. but really, there are times that having an additional distraction can be useful when having a serious discussion.
Tonights was about Christianity.
I know, right?

There are some who do not believe we are Christians in this house. We don't pray before meals, or recruit people to subscribe to our church or religious practices. Our experience at one as a family was not the best. Then the other place took more than 6 months to realize we hadn't been there. We got put in with another special needs family (we all get along you know because we have all the same experiences and no one else would want to deal with us) who we never heard from.

So what do we do? Huh? we go where ever we are needed. We are there for anyone who needs us at any time; many times at a GREAT inconvenience to ourselves. We see my princess every evening and we go to see the "laws" and friends regularly. If you haven't figured it out; when stuff sucks we usually have your back, even when we don't want to.

Right now we are at a crossroads. For the first time the boy is done with school. Yes really done. He got his associates and HE decided he was done with school for now. He wants a break. I guess it is similar to a "gap year" to figure out things, look for jobs and decide where to be. That and the job market is dryer than dirt.

Being at the crossroads means that some decisions need made. We don't have a fucking clue how to make that decision. Unfortunately we aren't exactly patient with the "GOOOO to CHHHHHUUURRRCHHHH and say your prayers." from Bloom County (remember Bill the cat?) Well we are finding that the cuter one and I are floundering....marking time, or whatever. I can't justify being holy and religious when, in fact, I am not getting the whole "destiny with God" thing. Yeah, its there but trying to get through the gray clouds with an Aspie regarding religion and God is kind of like banging your head against the wall and not being drunk at the time.

We try so hard to do the right thing by everyone else but ourselves. We taught the boy to be kind, respectful and nice to everyone but us. WE have learned to be hardest on ourselves, yet get walked on by people we barely know. We are the ones being told "I am not a day care." by our son's coach. My response was classic- "I am trying to encourage him to take this seriously. I know you don't want him there but please don't let him know that." Unfortunately the boy did know he wasn't really part of it. Sad, given the right support I think he would have done well instead of "retiring" after high school.

What does all this mean? Well after today, I feel really sorry for the shmuck that gets my old phone number....and I feel really badly that AT&T ripped us off by about $900 for over billing on our cell account. To get this fixed it took 3 phone calls and a temper tantrum (again Bloom County- Opus having a meltdown). But being responsible for myself, the cute one and the boy but being a
"global thinker" really hasn't gotten me anywhere but broke. So right now we are gonna work with what we need to do and not worry so much about being the right kind of people.

So pray, if you wish. We pray...but it is highly unlikely we will pray in front of you or at your church.
AND I am truly tired of being the one who is supportive then dumped when we are no longer useful to said person. Just putting it out there that we might not stick around for the next time....just saying.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Bone weary tired

I've got nuthin'.  
Really.  It's true.  
The boy is growing up but still missing on things example- I told him to keep flip flops on since he hurt his feet.  
He argues fuse ears and fights w us.  I'm SO bAD. I dk what we were discussing.