Thursday, December 17, 2015


Tonight's blog is not about autism or Aspergers. 

Tonight we discuss (or I vent) about feminism. 

Feminism is defined as: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities (webster).  

So what does this mean?
Does it mean that I get to do everything a guy does? Or they get to do what girls do? Either option is ok really. If you want to be something other than what you are well that's a choice each person has to make for themselves. 

I once read, in a fictional story, that the mother figures thought that feminism means that we women have the right to choose.  We can pick kitchen over board room and it's no-ones place to judge one or the other. The feminist movement gave us a choice and individually we can pick what we believe to be important.  

I think that a woman choosing where they wish to be is vital. I kind of like where I am now. I work at a place that lets girls be girls. Yet, we can learn all the fun stuff (power tools and fork lifts) and how to make things too. I still want to learn how to replace a toilet - and other stuff too.  

Regularly my son tells me what my job is. It's my job, according to him, to wash fold and organize the clothes, keep the computers In repair, clean cat barf and poop and do all the stuff he doesn't want to do. This is all a "moms job".  

I told him to stuff if out his Azores. He needs to learn all this and to feed himself before he moves out of this house. 
As for the boy's/my son's role assignment for me I do not concur. 

I can choose what role I am in and where I'm going. Thank goodness I have my cuter one with me for all this.  Otherwise I think I'd be pretty lonely. 

FYI. My role is chief chick at this house 
So I get to keep the whole girl thing while doing my damn-edest to avoid the picky princess bullshit. 

FEMINISM is my choice of who, what and where I want to be.