Sunday, June 8, 2014

Troubles' poodle brush

Troubles is the super big cat in our house. He is on diets- currently doing probiotics, green beans and his version of "Jane Fonda"
Both are a nightly ritual- the cuter one will say, "Come on Troubles it is time to do your Jane Fondas cause you don't need the "Sara Lee"" Then the light goes on the Troubles starts his exercise routine.....his morning starts with wet kitty food/ green beans puree and probiotics and dry food later in the day.... everything is measured out. We are watching him and what he eats cause Troubs is a chubbo kitty.

Troubles' has what we call his "poodle brush" This brush is a heaver brush with thicker spines Troubles loves it and really wants to have his coat brushed with it every day.....sometimes more . The amount of fur on Troubles is kind of amazing. This cat has more fur than the average tabby....he has an undercoat that is so heavy it is hard to brush him and I have never seen a cat with dandruff before but this cat has more than his share.....

Troubles is our most autistic cat. He has Aspergers the most out of the three. I know I have said that my cats all have Aspergers.
If you didn't notice, Aspergers is the MOST over diagnosed issue in the last 15-20 years. In fact, remembering the term "Autism" and asking a doc about it I remember being told, "There is no such thing and I wish parents would listen and learn rather than try to find things out on their own" (This was from Dr. Day-late-dollar-short).

Troubles is a lot like the boy....they both like their "Things" and their "ways". The boy is really into cartoons and other stuff. I am still waiting until I can block cartoon network on his TV.....nickelodeon too....Yes I am that mean. I am sick and tired of dealing with a 9-10 year old mentality when he is actually older.
I am also tired of being called a "dumb ass" and the grumbling about how the boy won't listen to me anymore. (like he did in the first place). Right now the boy is mad about the wifi rules although there aren't any. I don't have any idea why the wifi does what it does it just does it. It reminds me of the part in the Wizard of Oz, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." Some people think,"The men behind the curtain are the small number of elite that control the money and therefore have the power. They influence every decision that takes place and are the shadow government behind the real government. They have considerably more power than the visible political government you see. They are deciding the future of the world as I am writing this right now and will continue to do so because they believe that the mindless herd cannot do so for themselves."

If you consider that statement you will find that the people who think like that are also thinking that way about our kids....Dr. Day-late-dollar-short, she thought that way, some teachers, administrators and the educational elite....yes I think they may think that way too. So many times people think that they know more than they really do.
Maybe they do this out of guilt, or that they really believe that they are better and more astute than most of us "average Joes". Although the boy is obsessed with cartoons and lower level humor- he isn't stupid he was just exposed to students who were not expected to do much of anything. This exposure dumbed down my kid.
That is where I have a problem. Students working to the lowest level available to them and being told that a "C" is a good grade? A "C" is a passing grade it is NOT a good grade. My cat Troubles could get an "A" in olive oil sampling and bread. A "C" for a student who isn't dumb and has a good brain.....but trouble getting it the grades that is up to the parents to support the teachers and get the stuff out. Schools aren't gonna fix it. Like going to the vet with Troubles and expecting the doc to fix our kitty obesity isn't up to the vet to fix it. So we can't expect a school to fix lowered expectations of the special ed kids when the parents are so willing to wimp out and accept "CAT", "AND" and "TV" for spelling words for kids who know what Acrophobia* and  Prate** and Mitigate***

Because of all this (lowered expectations on the boys part) we have limited Wi-Fi- we have limited contact (the boy prating meant that I slammed my office door to get some peace and quiet) and we have Troubles who is waiting to be brushed asap.

* an abnormal fear of heights
** to babble incessantly
*** to lessen in force and intensity