Sunday, July 16, 2017

Washing Dishes, Boy-ism, and life

Our dishwasher is haunted. Seriously, it really is; shuts itself on and off and runs periodically - usually empty (damn).
Which means whichever of us that is home gets the joy of washing dishes by hand. Most people have done this at minimum one time. I swear I have done it more than that (grades, high school, college)....and now it is a daily thing.
Washing dishes is amongst the most mundane of chores (although matching socks could give it a run for the money). You can think a thought, write a mental letter, tell yourself you are mental for washing dishes w/out gloves (I always forget those), and basically solve the worlds problems or maybe your own.

Today there is no way I could solve anyone's problems. I can barely manage all the stuff cute one and I have to do - solving other peoples stuff just isn't happening. Well, no that isn't true. Princess had been having a problem. Several months back she was not getting her regular phone calls. We thought she was out partying with the 101 year old across the hall. Happens, life that is, and we switched her phone back to a less complicated one. She doesn't do complicated anymore. Crossword puzzles are a thing of the past. Reading books, knitting, all that is not happening anymore. She tells me she has "big plans" to finish her projects in her bag. I really wish she would, or could.

There is a thing called "macular degeneration". Basically it is tied into high blood pressure and extended use of high blood pressure medication. Some of the quietest people don't tell a soul about problems/issues/thoughts but do internal harm to themselves; ergo the high blood pressure. NO I am not a "medical professional" and I think everyone needs to go to the doc to get evaluated - but I know what I see and what I see, well it is what it is. And the more quiet people on high blood pressure meds.....well there has to be something to the thought that they need to let their frustrations out.

Lately, I have been stewing, thinking, and deliberating. I often think about writing on the blog and then I go back and think of what someone told me "No one wants to know what you are thinking all the time." Which is probably true; I could take the crown as one of the most boring people on the planet ever. The cuter one thinks he is way more boring than me (I disagree). Then I starting thinking about where that person was coming from (the one that told me that I shouldn't express my thoughts) and well, if they are choosing to repress themselves that is really up to them they shouldn't repress others with their own expectations.

And another thing, the "if you don't agree with x-y-z you are a bad person". Seriously?
Geez if I thought that every single time someone didn't agree with me....good night. I think there is a cyclical thing going down these days and you know....people are divided about a lot of things. HOWEVER, what I have seen with the uber-liberal is that they are as judgemental as the uber-religious. You can say what you want, but with the boy with being forced to self-identify in college (jarring that was for sure) and being put in a disabled box ("Don't worry, it will take you about 10 years to graduate" REALLY?) and finding out that "Church isn't for people like me. Broken people aren't allowed there" (his words not mine). So where does one go?
well we are "marking time" and then we will decide about going/staying/re-evaluating.

And what is the boy doing? He is working. That is all you peeps need to know. The boy has a job. It is OK, not perfect and for a first job not the worst. The people he works with are, mostly, kind and I think generous with their thoughts and advice. If they are kind to him that is all I ask. Most people aren't so a little kindness goes a long way.

After the boy graduated from jr college he got even more lonely. One guy, he came over here and asked the cuter one and I if we would fund an apartment for him, the boy and a friend. I said, "No. but it is only for right now because the boy has to learn about paying bills and budgeting. Besides none of you are working; I am not working to support a place where I am not living" I don't think this guy ever heard the word "No"before as he left soon after that evening. He came around for a bit but the boy hasn't heard from him in months so we are figuring he got dumped. I feel bad, I know it isn't my fault but it is still sad that some people are so not into being friends as friends but friends for what you can do for them.

So anyway, the boy getting a job and working hard; well that is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

You know, Aspergers is a funny thing. Not funny ha-ha but funny that you don't realize how many people have it and are completely undiagnosed. Lets just say there are lots of them and it is all good. I think the cuter one and I would have been diagnosed with it. Some days the boy makes me a little loopy and honestly I couldn't tell you if I were coming or going. Although, I don't think the boy has just Aspergers. I think he has Boy-ism. He does. He has Boy-ism. This means he is an entity all his own and his diagnosis is just his.

I wonder what his therapist would think of that? I will have to ask him if I remember to mention it.