Friday, May 6, 2011

Having his Austim work for him INSTEAD of him Working for his Austim

Deep concept.
I wonder how many of us think that we have to fix something that may or may not be fixable. I think the boy needs to have his Aspergers work for him, instead of him working for it. That way he can feel comfortable in his job choices AND still be working in his career choice at the time.

I think many of us work to be working but we don't play to our strengths. For example, the other evening the boy wanted help with homework. It really wasn't help he wanted, all I did was sit there and read while he worked. He wanted the companionship of someone being there with him. Then 2 nights ago he "kicked" me out of the family room with a " Mom you know nothing about nominals. I will do this myself." WOW.

I think the one thing we have noticed over the years is that the boy never wanted to do homework on his own. Now he does. He did all of his math by himself last night (over 20  problems) and he did it all correctly. We rarely are allowed to help right now. It makes me wonder what he is up to sometimes and then others I realize he is growing up, learning a lot and needing the space to put it all together. In a weird sort of way it gives me hope.

Lest I speak too soon lets see what today brings....