Saturday, July 2, 2011

laughing with or at

You know when someone is laughing WITH your kid or laughing AT your kid. There is a sound is very different.
It is worse when it is supposed to be your family and they all think your kid and you are somewhat on the lower end of the intelligence scale anyway.
Unfortunately for them that is not true.

Over the years I have been told that I must behave myself, I must accept everyone for who and what they are I must respect my elders and that is just the start.

What I have learned is that people who have a disability are people too. They are silly, fun, thoughtful, kind generous souls who I am friends with and I love dearly.

Today I saw my son get laughed at. How do I know? because when I pointed it out suddenly what the boy did (stuffing himself with cake) was not so funny any more. Encouraging the boy to do it was one thing; for pete's sake these are grown adults let's encourage the kid with a disabilty to make a fool of himself because it is something to laugh at later? There are enough "dumb boy" stories in the family, lets add some more......( =and let's hit up with the aunt who is a big witch too....that always helps)

God, I and I know they video taped the boy and will post it all over the place because they are mad at me for pointing out to them .....that it really wasn't kind, funny or helpful. Did I have to do this?  Should I ignore the fact that my son was going to throw up cake so the adults at that table could watch it and tape it?
NO I didn't; but it is MY job to protect my kid and what I saw today made me want to run screaming in the opposite direction. I will  make certain that the boy doesn't have this experience again though. Training him to keep away from people like that is the best I can do.

THAT is when you are laughing at someone and not with them.
Watch out- the parents of the disabled kid are watching you and your behavior is not only harmful to your disabled relative, It is hurtful to the parents too.