Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another year another TOC

The TOC.....long lines, no shade and over heated. Typical. Put it this way unless it is a chef rock star god type person we will not be attending next year. The thought of going back isn't appealing- although the boy would probably run for another shot at the Lincoln Park Pizza Parlor that I have already forgotten the name to.

He did really well, although the junk food messed with his stomach and it will take him a couple days to get things "working" again. He is even noticing that a meal of deep fat fried foods will mess him up for a couple of days. Although this is not a topic I normally want to discuss with him it does come up when he is taking a while in the bathrooms. At least the port-a-potties are out for him. Thank goodness he has standards- I believe he is anti-outhouse too. But that is only after an experience in an outhouse on vacation.....and the fact that he thought the trolls would get him if he used an outhouse......I don't know if that is viable any longer.

He noticed that the fruit was not in the diet today....he was very dehydrated although he had plenty of water....I think it was the lack of fiber and what he is used to during the day.....that and no sugary drinks helped but he did need to leave a bit soon as we got away from the sun and lack of shade he did much better....the big concerns we have with him now are the meds. He has been on them for a while and although they work I still get worried about how they are affecting him physiologically. Last year some VERY expensive blood tests were run (the doc must think we are made of money) but everything came back within the normal range.
We were fortunate at least there was no damage that way....

The back of my mind I keep wondering if he is still sensitive to things; heat, sun, certain foods. I think I almost prefer how we did his foods last year....we took ideas from Jessica Seinfeld and pureed veggies to put in meat and other side dishes. He never knew that he was eating almost all veggies. Now he is so used to trying new foods that even things that might have grossed us out several months ago is now a regular item on the table.

He loves his fried foods as much as anyone....I wonder how much his fried foods are loving him???