Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the rhetorical questions of life.

Another great title, probably not such a great post today though.

I am tired....the cuter one is worn out. It has been a long day. The boy is studying again for driver's ed. He has a test on Thursday. The whole schedule was messed up today...apparently there was a change and we missed it. We were a smidge late picking him up....he handled the change well but it is late and we still haven't had dinner. Scrach that, he eats and we do pick up dinner.The boy is doing well in drivers ed. He drove again tonight and I am doing well with the only 2 cry outs and 3 stomping on the brakes. Not bad when it used to be ALL the time and the entire drive. He must be improving or I must not be feelign like I am taking my life into my hands as much right now.....I am not sure about this  at all....

Have you ever noticed how meat that is more than 94% lean doesn't taste like a mouth full of salt? I had a couple bites of tacos tonight and the higher fat meat did NOTHING for me. I am looking forward to somehting a little different tomorrow. Or at least not as fattening.Since the big diet change we are noticing that we are much "pickier" about the food we eat. In fact, going to a restaurant can be fraught with peril for us.....most of the time the boy and the cuter one make it better than we can get in a restaurant....we rarely go anymore. If we do go we don't like it. We are getting as sensory as he is. The other night I had meatballs and they were poorhouse relation to the meatballs the boy makes at home. Same with quiche....who needs a frozen one when a REAL one tastes so much better. The boy made his quiche again last night and did such a good job....not a BITE left on the plate.

The sensory and the trying new things food wise had made such a difference with us. we are looking at different textures and all kinds of food and other things that seem to be working for us.

The other thing is what is important and what isn't? Like is going to bed on time ALWAYS necessary or is it something we do just because. For the last week or so we have been going to bed at ALL hours. Staying up late reviewing and studying and helping the boy when he has questions. We are all exhausted, tired and just worn out. Tonight is the first night we are being almost reasonable. I didn't ahve 2 cups of coffee this afternoon to keep me up this evening....and the boys are already in bed. Research indicates that MOST Aspies don't get proper REM sleep and that their sleep studies are rarely on track.

If this is the case it is more likely that I am going to start pushing for the earlier bedtime rather than allowing the "sleep till noon" and blow off the rest of the day lifestyle that I have been observing. Although the cats seem to be getting away with it- not working well for the boy. He needs a ton of structure during the day. Lately we have been using lists for him to follow during the day. It might seem like a waste of paper but he seems to have better days when we give him specific things to do.
IT is still hard for him to focus and I don't list out more than 15 items but he crosses them off as he completes them and moves on to the next thing. Kind of like a "To Do List" at work....Lotus is famous for those things in their e-mail programs.

Oh and just let me know if you have any ideas or comments....I will be happy to add them for you as "Anonomous" Since this is a public blog it may be better to keep your privacy too....just a thought.