Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kitten told me it was cold.

I was putting some stuff away and found Kitten. He was sitting NEXT to the heater vent waiting for the heat to come on so it could blow on his kitten butt.

What a creative idea. Kitten is no dummy. He is a master manipulator and really good at getting what he wants when he wants it.

We have been trying to teach the boy how to do things, not be manipulative but use experiences for his advantage and really learn from them. He has asked me to include recipes in his "Life Book"

If you do not know what a "Life Book" is; it is a book that tells your kid how things are supposed to be if anything happens to the adults in his life. It can be comprehensive, with all the details, or kind of lame depending on how seriously you take it. Ours has "warnings" about people, things and possible situations. Recommendations for what to do and who to call....what the boy needs and where to take the kittens to the vet. In fact, the boy wants a "Life Book" of his own. He tells me he wants me to help him make one up about what to do- how to set up his weekly vitamins/meds and when to pay the rent- the tools he can  use to make things work successfully for himself when he is on his own.

We used to have recommendations about what to wear to school (NO SWEATPANTS) and how to get around to places he likes to go. Instructions on what to do and where to drive and how to get where he needs to be.

I think more people should have a "Life Book". Call it whatever you want.... but make certain you have what you need in the book itself....we  have found ours is excellent when we do not remember who to call about whatever it is we are working on....

Below are some links to ideas for book formatting.  See what works for you or make up your own.

If you are certain you won't need to make alterations try this:

OR a better option- use Microsoft Word or MacPro....there are recommendations when searching for templates that could work for you. Or go outside your box and make up your own.

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