Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's gonna be a good day

After a sorta rough night there come a glorious morning. Very roughly quoted I know.

The boy has been talking again, to us about is a good thing. AND he is willing to step up, try again and go back to life as he knows it at try harder to do his best with ALL kinds of people. Don't know WHAT changed his mind but hey, who is complaining? I would say that many prayers are answered. Maybe it was hanging with a friend last night that helped change his attitude who knows.....all I know is that he has been talking about what he needs to do to fit in and we are trying to help. Heaven knows if he will listen but maybe it will sink in....

He is driving, doing his car thing and got a hair cut (w/out complaining- although the pretty girl cutting it probably helped), and drove us to the post office. He did really well although I probably should be sedated while he is driving- I get nervous.

It is a little thing, but these days little things mean a lot. Let's just take what we can get for today and RUN!!