Friday, July 15, 2011

Video Game nightmares

Video games are my newest nemisis.
I hate them.

There are other things I am not crazy over, but the longest running problems the boy has stem from the over use of video games. We swore off Mario- those games have all but disappeared (via e-bay). We don't allow World of Warcraft (think electronic version of Dungeon's and Dragons)

The boy has been playing these blasted video games again. The thing is though the mental overstimulization messes him up so much that he is incapable of forming a "normal" judgement call and is so wired up that when he does get busted he goes into the yelling bit the cuter half talked about the other day. We get told how much we hate him and we don't care about his feelings and we hate goes on and on. Finally it sinks in that we are setting down rules for a reason and that he is required to follow the rules. EVEN when he is over stimulated by video games.

To say I am sick of it is putting it mildly.
Today I had to leave work, come home figure out what was going on, get yelled at a bit then finally calm him down when his buddy got here....... He yelled because he had been caught playing those stupid video games all morning. He got up REALLY early just to play them.....we had told him we would leave one system out and he would have to prove that they weren't addicting or consuming....they were.

SO the end result? This means that he is now cut off from these game systems. If the cuter half would let me I would sell the dumb things to the highest bidder......or the lowest just to get them out of the house. Eventually, it would be my dream to get them out of the house, gone and forgotten.....but I doubt I would ever be that lucky.

The thing is there are people who don't like that I write about this kind of stuff. There is nothing wrong with video games and the kids don't get addicted to them. My response? Well when pigs fly, gophers fly out the cat's butt and when the slugs jump out of the wand over there....
There needs to be a study on video games and Aspies.....there does but no one would want to go up against the video game lobby to show them up. That is Ok because the study done in this home indicates that video games should only be played at 10-15 min at a time.

To prove I am serious I have cut the boy off of the is going into hiding somewhere and I don't have to say where....