Sunday, July 3, 2011

Time to take the gunk off

getting gunk off of anything is dreadful....I am almost a professional gunk remover. I have to be with 3 charming kitties in the house, the boy and my husband.
Most of the time it involves repeated applications of whatever it is to get rid of whatever the kitties did....lately it has been "Trouble Time" he has been a little more mischevious and he is so delicate.....he is big and kind of goofy but needs lots of love and attention. Since I have been making MORE "Trouble Time" in the AM I am finding that he doesn't make as much gunk around the house.

Being without power for 4 days means that we had MORE gunk; mostly what we didn't see. Candle light at night is so lovely....and it hides a mulititude of little kittie sins all over the house. On Friday eve we had finally caught up with everything. Little Trouble finally calmed down a bit, and we finally got everything together to finish cleaning up the ongoing messes.

How often do we not pay attention to the reigning Aspie of the house? Do we let go of abberant behavior because it is easier....

I know I let some stuff go yesterday, after a well needed glass of wine at dinner (I know drunks say they WA NT it; I have wine when I NEED it after a long day). I did let some harmless behaviors go; and relaxed with people who REALLY wanted us there,,,,,we are so glad we went down after the first party to the second party......we were lucky that we got there earlier than we had expected. Anyway, the boy was messing on the internet and looking up park maps.....we enjoyed looking at them too and talked about places we would want to go to if we had the money. What we did discover was that we really DO need WiFi....what an awesome convinience.....totally cool to have it at home.

We took the evening off.....then proceeded to go home and plan a fun day today....hopefully.
It would be nice if the plan took off and went together.