Monday, May 2, 2011

Things come and go so quickly here

today was weird. I got a phone call and for once it wasn't about the boy, or the cuter half. It was totally unrelated to them and I was totally SHOCKED that we got the response we did.
Let's say it was a good call, and me being the kind of person that i am I started calling people for advice. I shouldn't have bothered.
There are some things YOU KNOW are the right thing to do even if it is a distinct disadvantage to yourself .

I am still bowled over....kind of like that Mary Englbreight saying "Life is just a chair of bowlies" Gobsmacked, dumbstruck, OMG.....what just happened. and there you are life changes ALL OVER AGAIN. How dare it.

But it did, and it has and it does every blessed day whether you want it to or not. THEN you see who is important to you and what you do when you talk to those people. I have determined that I know what I am doing (OMG is it the caffine talking) or am I finally developing some hackneyed self confidence in my decision making skills? DK. Whatever it is I know that today I did the right thing, said the right thing and helped with the right thing. How often do any of us have that?

This would be the kind of day my Aspie son would have wanted to crawl under the bed. But instead, we met the day full force and took it for what it was worth (think doggie with toy rag and shaking it)

Anyhow, life is different again, I am not ready to get into the details since it was someone else that decided and I was just there to do the leg work....

but lets say that there are times that God does work faster than we realize. The boy is not ready for the fast part. He has only experienced the slow laborious parts....I guess I am more aware of this because of what he told me last night. He knows he is different from most people. He feels the difference and doesn't like it much. At this point in his life being an Aspie hasn't done him many favors. Maybe as he gets older he will be more confident.....and maybe he will be able to use the Aspie in him to a better degree and figure out how to make it work for him instead of him working for his Autism....

I feel like Dorothy did when she met Glinda, and Glinda was ready to leave the Munchkins.....