Monday, May 16, 2011

WHERE is the tissue box???

Here in our universe (many light years away...but I digress)

we have issues with allergies.
At first it was the cuter one getting shots regularly....then it was me with the mold thing and the boy with sinus issues becuase of dental things.....Now it is the ultimate pollen season and we all sound like the dog's dinner.....or we sound like a weird frog or whatever. We make Kermit the frog sound like a "Soul man."
Allergies with a kid on meds and on the supplements doesn't work so good. As with his mom, the allergy thing makes him uncomfortable, and very worried about how he feels (my head is OK if I turn this way and plugged up when I turn that way....junk like that). When he was younger I \tried a med with him that was recommended by an the boy put it to me he thought his brain was going to explode and he then refused to try them again.....he has opted to suffer through it and wait until things dry up a bit. It took him a couple days to feel normal again and even then he wasn't up to know the kids are sick when they aren't being themselves and it is not normal for them to ______. Well lets just say I was HAPPY to see the boy back to normal so quickly....
Oddly enough, it appears that more of us have issues with pollen and mold than widely assumed. Last weekend the cuter one and I were out and about.....and went to an outdoor concert....we froze and the mold count was through the roof....seriously. Then the poor food know things are weird these days when the chefs at home can cook better than eating out....the boy and the cuter one are the ulitmate foodies.....we had heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, olive oil, and mozerella for salad for dinner and it was AMAZING....that being said, the sinus thing isn't hittin us as hard because we aren't eating out as much as we used to...why should we when we can eat a better meal here at home and use basil from the GARDEN. Just run out the door pick it and run back inside and use it....what MORE can you ask for? (maybe a bigger garden?)
We have to really look at what we are eating, taking and doing....drinking more water helps loads. Staying away from dairy....bonus. Working on the intake of food, avoiding the mayo, and keeping our heads clear (well we try anyway that salad the other night was truely worth it). Really allergies could by a myraid of things....maybe it is the 3 petites we have in the house....I would take in more but then the cuter one calls me a "horder" so 3 is the absolute limit.....besides 3 tabby cats means that one has 3 insane kittens who believe that they allow us to live here by the grace of the 3 tabbies. The 3 tabbies have also made up their own church but that is for another day....

I never thought I had a cat allergy before...maybe I am just allergic to the litter boxes and their fur....but really it imeans a lot more work, we have to work harder at keeping the rooms clean and the kittens let us know when the house is not at their standards....the boy seems to have problems at the begining of the season....I when the tree leaves open...and the cuter one when the dust is too much....we reduce the dust, clean the hosue and then plant the veggies. OH and increasing the veggies can help....using olive oil (no butter) really does enhance the flavor of the veggies...then the cute one does the season salt thing and whalla you have designer veggies with a bit of flair.

Allergies is a real pain in the butt, and dealing with the boxes of tissues (we should buy you get a discount??) Realizing that it is already the middle of May (I was just in the Ides of March and here it is MAY)and I am freaking out....where does the time go and how did my little baby turn almost 17 already and what in the world happened and when did I get so old....
Now you know it is allergy season, I am thinking aobut time and how old I am.....what happened over here and how did I get so old so fast and what is going on???? Where was I that things started happening so quickly...I missed all the good stuff.