Thursday, May 5, 2011

the guys in this house don't think like me.

I am the only female in this house.
It is true, even the cats are dudes. I have little or no estrogen outside of myself running here and tonight was further proof that i am way different than the guys.

I got grossed out by a program about parasites on TV. It proves to me that I will never go with the cuter half to a third world country nor would i ever want to. Between the elephantitus, the tapeworms in your brain and the other icky bugs...I am better off here covered in bug spray and shampoo that will keep the bugs off.
Yet the cuter one follows me in the dining room, proceeds to explain that the guy that willingly swallowed a tapeworm gave "birth to a nine 1/2 lb worm prior to his wedding.' GAGGGGGGG!

Why am I not like the boys?

Let's see, I used to envy the ladies at work who had pretty flower pictures decorating their desks, while I had bugs....or drawings of milipedes or whatever bug was cool that week. I like trying to look like a girl (doesn't happen often around here) and the best of all.....I REFUSE to watch nasty gross yuck on TV. Which would explain my regular use of a popular social networking site. My farm, city and cultural centers are booming......

Right now I would love to have a girl kitty; but my boy kitties would be the death of her....they would freak. the boy himself doesn't see how I could be a "real girl" as I am "just a mom" about an argument after that one....the boy hid in his room while I was yelling, "But I am a girl darn it all." and doing the feet stomping, and the "I need to be a blonde again!" routine.
The best I can come up with right now is my pink/peach office space. That is the girl space.....although the masculine members of the family are allowed in, they aren't allowed to touch the girl items (makeup, perfume, that stuff).

Making the boy realize that girls are different is kind of a shock for him. He sees people as people, there are no boy/girl things, or racial differences. We are all just people. Which, when you think about it is a much healther way to view things than the way some people do. (Gosh, maybe we did something right)

I am working harder at "being a girl" than I ever did before....alll this testosterone is rather overwhelming....and although I would hve relished being surrounded by guys at a younger age. There is something to be said for a "girls lunch" I had this week with a dear friend....and it reminded me how lucky I am to be a girl.

Now where is that lipstick?