Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Escaping reality

There are many days when it would be easier to escape reality than 1) get out of bed, or 2) eat breakfast.
Our reality gets pretty real pretty darn early in the morning, We can be dealing with a kid who may or may not want to go to school.....or a stress out over finals or friends graduating from HS.
The boy has made friends (I think??) in either higher or lower grades....nothing exactly in his age group. For some weird reason that doesn't bother me too much. Number one because I had a lot of older friends in HS. I dated a guy in college when I was a sophmore (he was a freshman and old family friends- it wasn't bad or anything- get your mind out of the gutter). I guess I just don't think that hanging out with EXACTLY your age group is the end all be all of everything. The boy is very apprehensive about his summer. He is taking up what his mother calls an "internship" and learning to drive.

I am more nervous about the driving bit than the internship.

However, the boy being able to drive does make me a bit apprehensive. I know he is capable, he is willing, but can he make the better choices? Probably, lower functioning kids than him have learned to drive (OMG). But can he really do it? I never felt truely comfortable behind the wheel until I started driving in NJ. Seriously, you NEVER learn how to drive until you live is like driving in a whole new world. Once you learn to drive in NJ you can drive a car ANYWHERE.

My latest thing is discovering that I am Cityville and a Farmville junkie. I know, and I like to play games and just mentally take a vacation from stuff. I drive the boys nuts.....although at Carson;s this evening I saw a pair of heels (5+ inches- total tart trotters) that were amazing....I went and bought makeup instead but I think I have to return it as the make up is bothering my face.....I haven't bothered with makeup in so face is really sore. Weird....anyway back to the reality thing......escaping by playing games or pretending to shop is really hard for me. I am a hard core shop-a-holic.....and that is what I used to do to calm down and I have to avoid it at all costs. I blame the teenybopper magazines that used to tell us impressionable girls to go shopping when we were bummed out....I thought they were serious.

Man, I really should have stuck with the shoes.....using a new line of makeup is just not my thing....yeah yeah, escapism, I am such a chicken.

the Reality portion of life is really real in this house....we have lots of real kitty poop, and then we have the real boy issues (sex, meds, and little or no rock and roll- I would prefer the rock and roll) some they tell me the gens go through themselves but I doubt it. Then I wonder if I am totally over protective or if I am a heliocopter parent then I start the second guessing myself all over again. This is where the brain goes into hyperactive overdrive and the mind turns to caffine to calm down......


What is your escape? I really think it is healthy (although the makeup has to go back.....they changed the formula and I am not comfortable with this stuff). Being the parent of a kid like ours means we get to brain drain a bit, shop be a girl for awhile (this is big in our house....being a girl is kind of like being an alien from another planet). Oddly enough, I don't relate to other girls very well. Maybe it is being surrounded by testosterone all day long....but there is little or no girl time around here and I don't know how to talk to them or what they do..... I used to run out to the salon, or shop or try on shoes - tell the boy he has to go shoe shopping with me and he will cry and beg to be allowed to stay home. Poor kid. At least he knows his boundaries.

The joy of to get that gunk off my face....BLECH.