Monday, May 23, 2011

The boy did a good deed


Generally when you get a call from the security director at the local HS that is not a good thing. She called this AM to tell me that the boy was in the gym area and found some things that were left out, not locked up and apparently homeless for a time. He took it all to the PE staff and turned it in. HE knew it wasn't his, it wasn't in the right place and could get stolen. He didn't want someone else to take it and have it disappear.

UNLIKE some parents who believe that ASPIES lie, cheat, steal and are generally dishonest. OURS ISN'T and he was commended by the director for being so honest.

I was brutal with her and told her I was surprised that he did it. He has wanted a new phone for a year or more and has been stuck with a go-phone with limited features. We haven't been able to affored a newer phone for him and we weren't sure it was a good idea. He didn't steal from anyone and he made certain he handed in what he found since he KNEW it was valuable and needed returned.

According to one self proclaimed local expert, since her ASPIE lies, they ALL LIE.

My Aspie is honest, this proves it, and HE DOESN"T LIE.

Phew, now that felt good, didn't it?