Monday, May 9, 2011

dealing with colds

here is a good topic for an early morning.

Being sick.

There is nothing that looks sicker than a sick Aspie trying to go to school because he has reviews for mid terms. He looked terrible this AM.
I sent him to school anyway. Not because I am mean but because he told me that he wanted to go even though he is sniffling has a cough and is tired. He informed me that he has to get his stuff for school to study for exams and is nervous enough as it is....

My suggestion was to try a couple classes and have the nurse call me if he needs to come home later in the day. His other fear was that I would make him read the Encyclpedia Britannica to see if he was really sick or not. If he is willing to read it that means he is really ill and if not, well you aren't that sick yet. When he was younger he used to fake being sick so he could stay home from school. The Cuter one and I developed this plan to assist us in deciding if the boy was really ill or faking. Aspies can't fake well (be consistant w it), but this was the ultimate test to see if him staying home was really valid.
We will see what happens today, he has classes and practice after school....if he is sick he is sick, if not, well it should be interesting.......

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