Tuesday, May 31, 2011

He got it

He did. He got it and it was a first time and no retakes and he got it.
He has already been behind the wheel of the car. He has driven a little bit and was so excited. He kept saying, "I did it, I did it, I can't believe I did it."

OMG the tears.

The boy who was supposed to go live in a home and we were supposed to forget we had him and he is driving a flipping CAR@!

We don't need no stinking doctor to tell us he can't when HE CAN!! God be the Glory he can and he will and he did- this rite of passage is only the start of what he can do and what he will do and where he will go.

Do you remember Dr Suess' Oh the place's You'll go? HE HAS GONE AND DONE AND WILL DO. My Daddy didn't raise no stupid daughter and his grandbaby ain't stupid either!! He did the test on his own, and passed it and did amazing.

Took the stairs at Grandma's 2 at a time to go tell her he was so excited (the concierge told us). It was all the cuter one and I could do NOT to cry thru dinner....our little boy is going and doing everything we have trained him to do and NOW he can do even more!!!

THANK you GOD that we didn't listen to the doctor when she told us he was going to live in our basement!! This boy ain't living in no basement baby! He is going to rock the world!