Sunday, May 8, 2011

We ate fried food today.


We did. We took the Princess aka my Mom out for Mother's Day. Since the Princess gets such good food at her domicle, we decided that a restaurant off the beaten path would be a good choice. Today we ate food that we normally don't have. We passed on several on the way to this place. There are some decent options nearby but we wanted the Princess to have a really good food option and something to talk about with the girls at her table. Normally the pizza at Uno's is great...a little different but still really good. SKIP the appetizers though...those suckers will kill ya.

Did you know, that if you haven't had deep fat fried food in a year or more it can reak havoc on your system. I had to leave the table midway thru the meal, the boy made it to the end of the pizza, my cuter half is suffering from acute indigestion, the Princess appears to be fine. When you don't eat junk your body will reject it. Now the boy and the cuter half know what it is like for me when we were subjected to that awful place in Sheridan. UGH. Everything fried in peanut oil, and now everything fried in what is supposed to be oil but is a dreary mess. Not going back to that place if I can help it...YUCK.

We are still messed up; crabby, feeling ucky and not our normal jovial selves. It is food related. Most of the time fried food makes me go alot. I avoid it. The boy was distinctly uncomfortable all afternoon, partially talking gibberish and the rest was just food related. We now have to get back to our regular food functions....

Eating this stuff on a semi regular basis is really bad for the overall morale. In fact, the boy is now coughing, sniffling and sounds dreadful with a cold or allergies. He didn't sound like this UNTIL he ate the fried foods. What is up with that? I think we have to go back to avoiding the fried yuck and stick with what we know. veggies, fruit and no greasy crap.

Overalll a very quiet Mom's day....few presents, and just relaxed. It was then that the boy started talking. Some of it was not appropriate and some of it just garbage. Yes I called him on it even through the Princess was there. He needs to do a better job of not yapping when he needs to be quiet. Really it is a self control thing. We were all getting some down time, the PRincess and I were talking about past events and then he starts his trash talking about me and how I don't let him talk to family and do whatever.
It didn't go over well. The Princess opted to go home, and as her chauffer of choice, I took her. The boy knows he needs to work on not talking and we are back at the "My feelings, my this, my that." Whatever. The thing is, this kid is at the so self absorbed part that I have the "I don't care about what you want, you need to think about others and do as you are told." That always manages to go over well too.

After thinking about it, dealing with his constant self absorbstion means that the cuter one and I are dealing with our own self absorbtion over him....vicious cycle that we are trying desperately to break.

We are doing more of what we want to do and what others are telling us we want to do; bringing the boy along for a 5-6 hour car trip for a 2 hour break is not something I am relishing. Yeah i KNOW I am being a poop but it  is a blasted long drive in the car for a short time frame.

Maybe it is the thing, I get told what to do all the time (at work-expected there cool boss so that is really OK, at home, by the kitties, by the boy......).

It is when I am ordered about by those who don't really know me well that I dig my heels in....I don't do that well at all.
Really I think my whole issue with authority started in Band (Sorry, DM it did). I got bossed by the drum majors and I got tired of being ordered senior year I was done mentally, emotionally (learning 2 new instruments at once and being called a liar by a drum major when I was told to fake it on one of the instruments was a lot for me to handle as a very shy freshman). Although now it seems funny, after 4 years I was just bone weary tired of dealing with the whole thing ("Why are you in band, you suck." was a common refrain in the practice room). No offense to my old band buds out there....lets just say I was a very happy girl at more band practice.

So when the boy starts with this bossy junk/drum major ordering...well there goes the Mom of the house (feeling like she is ordered to mark time). I will say "No" even when I am not really meaning it. I say "No" alot to him....most of the time I might let him do whatever but I say "No" becuase he gets bossy or starts the nagging thing. Saying "No" is easy, it has merit and it is a good healthy thing for him to catch on to. How many people will say "No" to him in his life.  LOTS OF PEOPLE- people do it now.....most people say "No" to him and he has to learn that "NO means NO" and that is it.  

He will get it, and it will be a good lesson learned. You can't force people to discuss or do what you want them to do you have to wait  and listen and stop thinking about your response first. It is hard to do when they don't want to listen...and then you don't really want to listen back either- which means if no one is listening the conversation is effectively over. Which in some cases is a good thing.....especially after a dreadful meal of fried food....I am still a cranky pants.

Oh and by the way, Happy Mom's Day to all you deserving Moms...hope you had an amazing day and stayed away from the fried food....HA HA HA.

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