Sunday, May 1, 2011

Did you see it?

Yup, the king of pop.
It has been an 80's kind of week here. The royal wedding, the beautification of Pope John Paul, rembering is all there.
The cuter half and I took time to see the royal wedding. We woke at 3, dressed for work, then turned on the TV. He made a lovely breakfast with scones, bacon, eggs and ginger tea. We were mesmerized by the funky hats (I loved Beatrice and Eugnie's hats....they were amazing and the shape, beyond anything and totally artistic) the lovely dresses, the coaches and the overall fun of the occassion. It made us forget just for a while that we have stress, work, the boy and his training, and just live to get in the way and stress us out totally. IT was fun.....I remembered watching Prince William's parents wedding in 1981, I was sleeping on the floor of my big brother's apartment, set the alarm, woke up and turned on the TV. It was lovely....and more than that it gave me a weird sense of appreciation.

I was happy not to have gobs of cameras around when I went to the store. I could shop where I wanted with out a "fashion expert" telling me what to buy. I could be me. I was also 15 and not yet wise enough to understand "body language" and that what we saw was something way different than what was going on. In fact, an old church leader used to tell me, "Don't read into the Bible, it is what it is. You can't make it be something it isn't." That stayed with me all of my life. Maybe that is why this occassion was a fun thing to see but to actually be IN it would not be something I would have relished.

Realization hit with a bump on Friday; the cuter one and I still had to make it into work and stay awake thru the day. I think the ginger tea helped and I also think my stop for coffee prior to going into the office was  a big bonus.
It was fun.....we got to have a bit of a party in the midst of unspeakable tragedies all over the world. Depression is rampant, stress is everywhere the job market is in the tank. SO WHAT, we have a bit of fun, a spot of tea and a lovely wedding to watch on the telly.

WE made the boy watch the wedding at dinner. We had fish, stuffed clams, roasted potatoes, ravioli soup, and a white zin wine in a cat bottle (it is a WAY neat bottle) then we had our William and Catherine cupcakes and a lovely evening of making the boy watch "Mom-style TV" It was good for him. He really didn't know that he was watching history nor was he really interested in that. Don't care. he needs to learn that the electronics are not all about him and he cannot force us to watch Food network all the time.

Yes, today's post is a bit late, I should have written about this on Friday. Being a day late and a dollar short doesn't mean I am not thinking about what to write but that I want to know that what I am writing makes sense to me (that sentance is whack but I don't know how to fix it). I want the boy to remember where he saw his first royal wedding. I wish he could have some of the experiences I have had to learn that life is different, complicated and most of all interesting.

We will never really know how he thinks about these things. For him life is all "I, me, mine" and that, to me is frustrating and really very sad. I was brought up, "We, us, they". So to have to teach the boy, and with the cuter half helping by showing a good example, we are swamped with the boy, we are tired, we are stressed. I much prefer the "we us they" aspect but trying to get the boy to appreciate it is a little beyond his comprehension most of the time.

We got to go to a royal wedding on the telly, eat our scones and forget for a little while.
Thank you.