Sunday, May 22, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

is planning for summer vacation? Or the gen's call it summer break, right?
This year once again I am down and out with a cold/flu/thingy. Overall I am fine, but the patience is weak, the greek food made to make me feel better by the foodies is great, and I am thinking my sinuses were slammed by the local Metra train. Because of that, my flakey-ness is at an all time high and I am coughing up part of a the whole mental process is a little slow and a little off kilter....once again I refer to a Suzanne Vega song from "Pretty in Pink" - Left of Center.

The boy is badgering me to get on his social networking account. To him this doesn't mean hanging out with friends, but playing games. The new fav is Pawn Stars. I keep trying to encourage him to chat, make friends, look for friends, look at names, all that. He doesn't bother...he wants to play the games. Why talk when you can build up your own virtual pawn shop? We are trying to get him to be social, after all they are social networking opportunities, but he still doesn't get the concept.

I think I am glad I put a passcode on the computer. If nothing else for the sake of my sanity. Sanity means a lot in my book....although my normal flakey demenor is just a cover it does mean that I am reserving the sane part of myself for those who really need the cuter one and the boy. When the boy doesn't feel great the whole family is in a weird place. Friends of ours once said, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Although, I am relatively happy, I am really wiped out.

Today was a day where someone noticed the boy was a little, different. A girl at the grocery store asked my husband where the boy goes to school and that she could tell, he has a high voice at times, badgers over minutiaue and is a "cultural experience" when excited. IT felt like ten steps forwards and twenty steps back -OMG....what is wrong with this picture? How far off the mark are we anyway? Socially, the boy is pretty much a zero- even on the social networks. Am I digging in on this because I am sick and have a bad headache or is it because the boy needs me to kick some butt and have him work harder when he is out publically??? I am thinking I need to push him more and harder.

I am so wanting to do the observation of the gens again just to see what could and would do gen parents do it? I know some tell me that their kids talk to them and even if it is banal at least it is about something relevant. Although there are those that are considered gens and I would SWEAR they are on the depends on the families and the kids I guess.

THen I am back at the OMG it is drivers dread and I am thinking what the heck are we doing and why are we torturing ourselves.

Last week we were at a meeting where this guy told us that his job is to make certain that these kids are taxpayers and not drains on the society....since I have never encouraged him to take money from the state I beleive he SHOULD be a functioning member of society and can be. Sadly this same person mentioned someone else who is do diametrically opposed to us (the cuter and I) that we have agreed to disagree with this third person and requested that she stay away from us. I think the fact that she once told us to give the boy a card that said "stop" kind of put us in a place where we realized that she didn't know what she was doing except for a certain type of then we just avoided anything this third person did (I am killing myself here not to mention programs or names....give me credit). Fortunatly, I had the wits enough to point out that we avoid this person and that we are "philosophically opposed" so we don't really relish contact after the HS experience.
What is worse is that this third person is moving into a higher education field....I had been HOPING against hope that she would get out of the education system all together and here we are stuck with this person for another 4 years after HS.

On that note, we need a little lightening up about a bit of John Bon Jovi? He can wake some tired blood and cheer up the faintest of hearts.