Thursday, May 19, 2011

Missing out on the IEP?

We have a meeting tomorrow.
Another one. School is almost over and we have a meeting tomorrow.
The boy is fine. He isn't doing anything wrong that we are aware of......but then the case manager always manages to pull something out of her (hmmmm.....would butt be a good word here?) any way who knows what is going wrong this time but I am certain there is some bad news in there somewhere for me to get my undies in a bunch about.

What I would like to know (rhetorically, no answer required) is:

WHAT ARE WE MISSING on his IEP? We have to be missing something. How can these parents have all these meetings to set up an IEP? The longest we have ever gone is 2 hours and that was when I got into an argument with the middle school staff (the special ed teacher, M-----n is a MORON) and from what i hear others agree that she is a moron but don't have the balls to say anything. I did have the, ahem, balls, and yes I did tell the district people that she is in fact a moron. Did they listen? NO but I do know that she drives the same car as my ex and that is another reason to dislike her.....
Phew, excuse me, a bit off topic there.....

Anyway What in the world are we missing? He gets the accommodations (NOT modifications- big difference) that he needs....he studies hard (math is a tough class right now).....staff is good to us, although we could cry since our fave vprincipal is moving to another school (!!!) SO where is the problem, what are we missing?

We don't analyze the doc half to death....most of the time we don't read but the goals and the accommodations. Picking apart the whole thing begs the question is it better to follow the LETTER of the law or the SPIRIT of the law.

What are we missing? We are having another IEP meeting and I feel like I am missing something....I just wish I knew what it was.....

Maybe we need to be tougher, meaner more intimidating?  Some of these families, we here the kid is out of control and yet they are still mainstreamed??? Our son was kicked out of school and we had been forced to put him in a therapeutic day school....and yet the ones that weren't have the social ties and know everyone....ours doesn't.

In fact, we don't even know other families except for the special ed ones....we are that isolated. Meeting people, seeing other families.....what do gen families do? Seriously, it makes one think of that display at Harrods where that actor was living in a store window. Can we just observe a gen family for a while and see what we need to do for improvements sake???

Although I can't see that happening....I am afraid the closest any one would get would be the Jersey Shore or the Mad Housewifes of Seville or something like that.

It's another IEP, coming to the last of them....what are we missing?