Thursday, April 1, 2010

What about thinkening our skin?

I meant that metaphoically by the way.

This evening, we should have been insulted. Really, we should have.

We weren't though.

The instructor of our son's class mentioned to our son, " Dude, your parents aren't going to run for you or with you. You need to do it on your own." The words themselves were not insulting, per se. The tone, well, if you are a young and cocky kid, then yes they were insulting to seasoned parents like us.

Once again we were at class, this is a class we are proud of. We really like it. It is wonderful. Our son is too old for it. He is discouraged, but loves to go. He can't throw a ball, although my husband and I are not out there tossing it around with him. Should we be? Um, yeah probably. Will we be? Debateable at best.

What started the quasi- insulting comment was something the instructor didn't know anything about; we had been running around "hither and yon" all afternoon. My husband and I were wiped out. We had run about all afternoon, making changes to our life that we didn't think we need to be concerned about and then working like maniacs to get all the changes in place. ICKO. Then our son had a doc app't for his gut issues and we had to go to that, never dreaming that we would make it in time for class. Naturally we did make it. So our son was out there with the other class members running, working out and playing football. This is after 2 hours of practice this afternoon, and a doc appt, then another hour of working out...kid collapsed on the bed and was out by 10. It was great and just what he needed.

People believe we work him too hard. We are working hard now so we can not have to work so hard later. Does that make sense? Hope so. We figure if we work him hard and make him USED to busting his butt he will bust his butt all the time and we won't have to do it for him later. Yet again another example of that unpopular term "training". We are all over this kids butt, he has to work out, do his homework, this weekend he is working ahead because he has a bunch of stuff going on next week and we won't tell him anything about it until Sunday.

He has a test to study for, a paper to work on and a book to read. We will get it done this weekend if we can and we can coast for at least part of the week as far as the homework is concerned. Teachers hate that, but if they did our schedule, they would see the advantage of it too.

Believe me, we are not popular in our opinions. Many think we try too hard to make our son do what he needs to do. It is hard, we are tired and would be happy to just take a break. Unfortuately, it doesn't work that way. He needs to bust his butt (normally I use another term, but I am thinking this is a family show) to get where he needs to be. This kid puts in 10x the effort of the smartest kid in his class, he works harder, tries harder and lives harder than anyone I know.

The expectations are high....kind of like the old song, High Hopes (not exactly what I was thinking but will have to do for now). Set the bar and the boy will run or jump to meet it. Let's see how high we can go.

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