Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's the point?

I know, it has been a couple days since I last wrote. Nothing bad, really, I have been sick and my mind is not working in composition mode.

I think there comes a time where people have to ask what their motivation is for their kids. There are many who, like us, are unitentionally self absorbed. There are others who are solely for their kids ONLY and just will work for them alone and use anyone or thing who gets in their way. Although I place my husband and I in the unintentionally self absorbed sector, I will tell you that we are trying to expand our horizons. We are working on committees, hanging with the "Club" and learning to know, expand and grow. It is a great and wonderful thing.

Sometimes the great and wonderful are taken for granted, not intentionally naturally, but because we as humans are imperfect and that happens. As it turns out, we are realizing how important our son's HG and SG are to him. He has expanded, grown and learned this year and we are crediting the wholesome, Christian environment to which he is at on Sundays. It helps him and he is doing well.

Sadly, it appears that there may end up being a "fly in the ointment". It appears that a kid who has threatened to kill our son in the past; this Spring this kid chased our son in the school hallway pretending to have a gun and or knife in his pocket. The School completely altered this kid's schedule and issued him what we were told was a very harsh punishment for his actions. Which had this episode happened during the school day, and not as the kids were leaving for the day, would have resulted in a complete lock-down of the campus. The school has this episode on video tape and have assured us they will keep the two as far apart as possible. This kid has now shown up at the HG and SG with only a few weeks left to the year.

Trying to fathom what this family is thinking is BEYOND our comprehension. We have NO idea what would have brought on a sudden desire to send a kid to church, without and aide or warning to the staff. Going totally against what had been said by one of them at a public meeting with witnesses present that dumping your special needs child at a church activity is not appropriate and that the staff needs training and warning on how to handle such things. Yet this is the same person that dumped her kid on an unsuspecting staff recently? Amazing, the unmitigated gall of some people.

Oddly enough, I am not angry (yet) but truely disappointed in  this episode. Although, our son will continue with the church program. We have made a committment to him and he will see it through, it is not our concern about this other kid and his family. They need to make some better choices, apparently.

I will only get angry if and when it affects my son. If and When that happens one will think the wrath of God is nothing in comparison. I don't get mad often, as long as people don't mess with my family.

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