Friday, April 16, 2010

Teachers should listen to the parents if the parents are right.

They really should.

Kind of a funny, but a little sad, story.

Our son loves playing Magic, Yugioh and Digimon card games. Personally, unless we play "Mommy's revised and improved rules" I won't play with him. Much too complicated. Think D & D in the early 80's multiplied by, oh, a billion, rules, regs and other miscellany to drive the game player goofy (namely me). At one point he was Forbidden by the all powerful Mom of the house to bring them to school. Through elementary and middle school the cards stayed home... unless I didn't know about it.
Then in the HS school the card games were allowed. We didn't agree with this choice. We thought it was a bad idea. Today we were proven correct, the other kids didn't want to play, and our son got pissy with the teacher and the other student. Although, I will back them (teachers) up, they know I will not approve him bringing the cards until I hear from one of them His current obession with the card games is because he can't play video games. He still is without the controllers and all video gaming systems are still down in the house.

I guess I should feel kind of bad that the teachers didn't listen or agree that the gaming cards at school were a bad idea. There are times when even the house "washer woman" is actually right about stuff. It does happen. He is well aware of the status of the video games, and although he opted out of Jaime Oliver's program, I thought decompression time was in order. this means he does watch more cartoons that I would normally allow but there was a Ben 10 special (I think) and by the time I got back into his room the TV was off and he was reading and finishing his homework. We still have some to go but can complete it tomorrow; easier materials and he needs to work ahead in Biology.

I would like to point something out about food.Yeah I know, here goes "Little Miss Crunchy" again (thanks T, I borrowed that from you). But really, if you look at behavior, and food choices, My husband and I checked out the cafeteria choices this week and there was NOTHING our son would eat. Preprocessed cassarole (big ewwww) and pasta and some other stuff that according to the food list just sounded nasty (bigger ewwwww). Now I am not saying we are "all that" with the food. We are having a party tomorrow and our son is making a French Chocolate cake from Julia Child's cookbook. We are not the best choosers around here. We eat icky stuff, and regret it later. What I am obtusely trying to get at here is that there is a better way than cafeteria food that is all rude. Seriously.

For example, what I remember about my college years (besides the joy of classes and friends) is the cafeteria food. Most of the time I couldn't eat it. There was something in the cafeteria food that made me break out in hives. Not little tiny hives, Big ole monster ones that kept me on a diet of salad and peanut butter sandwiches for a year and then in the apartments I bought my own food that I could eat and not get sick (my roomates could verify this). People swore to me that there was nothing that shouldn't have been in the food there. If that was the case, why did I regularly break out in hives when I went thru the general line? The Dermatologist told me not to eat there and my parents had to pay for the food because I lived on campus. During my 4 years they fed me twice because I got to the point where I wouldn't step foot in the cafeteria if they were serving certain things...I would be hungry, eat it and get sick. It is the preprossing the whatever it is to make the food that makes us sick. I haven't been back to my college since graduation, but I will tell you I would be EXTREMELY hesitant to eat anything they served there. (I am chicken)

Behavior, food, and other stuff can make things a little hard on the parents. So if my kid wants to make a homemade chocolate cake that Julia made, and we need cake flour and other stuff, we are going to get as close as possible to getting it "healthy" as it can be. Boy, that is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. But I really do want a slice of that cake.

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