Monday, April 5, 2010

What's a Mom to do?

I found out today my son is texting girls. I am not happy about this. He doesn't know how to talk to girls or what to say. If I comment about what he is texting or make a suggestion I will be screamed at. SO I keep my big parental mouth shut. He thinks I am dumber than a brick and if I mention girls or anything he gets mad at me so I am just trying to not say anything but keep in mind that he is a little behind socially and needs to catch up. The smart way is to have my husband do it (mention the texting and what to say), but after driving all day yesterday (typical family holiday for us) he is exhausted. I will be taking my Mom to the doc tomorrow so I am already tired....which naturally doesn't excuse the fact that I am not dealing with the girl issue. It needs taken care of, but I have read all the texts and they really are lame. I would rather the boy text me, but that is just part of the learning curve. There is only so much my brain can handle and then I have to go read tripe and garbage to clear my head. What does any good Mom do? she heads straight for her kid's bookshelves and buries her brain in something ridiculous. I will tell you I miss the days of Harold and the Purple Crayon; that book is all over amazing.This is not the time for me to be reading Tony Atwood or something about what to do about blah blah blah.  This is the time to eat the granola, take an aspirin and go to bed. So what do I do? I am sitting up here writing and trying to retain my mellow.

Lately, I am finding it difficult to keep my cool and still tutor the boy in his classes. This has been the week he had to work ahead. No choice, we have stuff going on every evening and won't be home to study for his test. I would rather just work through it all with him and finish the entire unit...he won't cooperate. Frankly, I can't blame him but it is nice to be able to coast once in a while. Keeping him ahead makes things easier for us when we are tired after a long day in "paradise". It is not for the faint of heart, the arguing that ensues first is always a treat. After that was done, the relief that the work was done was plain.

On another note, today I went searching online for a website to tell me what to do about my lack of job and resources. Although I didn't find much, I did find Penelope Trunk's website (see prior post). Not only does it discuss that, it evaluates autism too. Normally, I would say, "OK she is so sucessful, why should I continue?" Well, the thing is, she is doing what a lot of people do and that is hiting a bunch of areas at the same time; and doing it amazingly well I might add. I absolutely love her blog and have signed up on her website.

What I am doing is different; I am talking about life with our kid (she is welcome to come try him out... we need a break) . Why do I have to explain this? Really, it is only because I am explaining it to myself and reminding myself that what I am trying to do has some value even if I don't make any money at it. For today it works, and is cheaper than therapy ;-)

Anyhow, absolutely none of this ties into anything, I am wiped out and tired...I was Mercutio tonight while reading Romeo and Juliet and although he died, the guy was related to the Prince of Verona in the play. Trying to get several good thoughts out of our son and coming up with quotes with him  out of the play is similar to pulling out all of your teeth through your ears without Novicane. Reliving HS and the subsequent homework is really tough when it is the second time around.

I need a nap.

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