Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Agreeing to Disagree.

What does  agreeing to disagree mean?
That we compromise and agree with everything?
Or does it mean that we are disagreeing because we are just dumb and don't know any better?
Or could it be the principle of the issue at hand?

Well, the the Asperger's world it means any number of things. It means my son needs to get over himself when he argues with me and thinks I am dumber than a brick. It means to step back and decide that a relationship is more valid than an obscure thought or principle. It also means that people who aren't smart enough to argue for themselves will then become angry and frustrated with what you are talking about.

Recently I have been feeling more than inadequate. Our financial planner got on my neck; told me I wasn't motivated enough to find a job, and that I am going to make my family suffer terribly if I don;t get back to work soon. The worst of it was, on the way home, my husband agreed with her. I wasn't able to speak to him for a while and it still bothers me that he kind of blames me for the stiuation we are in. I spent the evening looking at the same jobs that were up last year and applying for them again. I am tired of jumping through everyone else's blasted hoops.

While researching "what to do when you can't find a job", I then found this blog page. OMG. Penelope Trunk's page is everyone's dream. I wish I had the abilities that she has and the forsight to use them. She has this thing about how everyone lies about parenting and goes into the why's and wherefores of working women to support your kids. Some of it is true, Ok a lot of it is true. I loved working. It was like therapy to me. Being at home has been rather a boring existance for me. I am not a goer like some people are and to sign up for a bunch of stuff has just been a real hard thing for me to contend with. I keep wondering how I dealt with my son, his issues and still worked. Well, for one thing, MANY things that should have been contended with were ignored. Unless it affected EVERYTHING it didn't get dealt with on a regular basis.

Today I have been watching Susan Boyle's 2 versions of "I dreamed a dream." I am not sure why, or what I am thinking, but it seemed to make me feel slightly better. Maybe I need to expand more, or maybe just learn to be happy where I am: selling stuff on e-bay, blogging (and learning how to do it and do it right) and working on my book.

Agreeing to Disagree. That is where I am with our nightmare financial planner, my husband with this issue, and my son when I tell him "NO".

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