Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is a good day..

OK sort of.
I lost my original blog there and then I messed up my idea. Then I decided to make a link and messed that up too. Like I said, "It is a good day"

Today is finishing the paper on Romeo and Juliet. It has taken weeks and gone on and on and on. The play wasn't even that long and we are just wrapping it up? Good night. Anyway, my son's view on this hasn't changed much, although instead of just Rosaline, he is also after the Prince and Friar John. At least he has remained consistent right?

I am dead beat tired, I am not sure why, I think it is the actual arguing about the homework, lack of lunch (I got busy and forgot) and trying to finish too much in one day. I will say I saw some lovely family pics on Penelope Trunk's site, and if no one else says so, CONGRATS! They kind of brightened my day and made me realize that life is pretty good and people are able to make their own place in the world. People like my kid.

Although, this week I have been wondering but I think it is just becasue I am tired from having the kittens jump on the bed all night long. The little buggers never stay still. Anyway the deal is that my son needs to learn to get along with people. I got a call yesterday that he got annoyed with another kid and kicked him. I did call his case mangager this morning and pointed out that 2 Aspies that are not able to function socially are teasing each other it is kind of a weird thing and that maybe they need to work on the social end of things with my son and the other kid in order to make things work a little better. Oddly enough, my son tells me that he KNOWS social skills just doesn't choose to use them. Smart kid, but not a bright move, if you know what I mean.
He is blaming me for him having to go over the social stories. Although he does want to have and be friends with people he doesn't have the skills to keep it going most of the time. The reason he has to do the social story time is because he kicked a kid, and now has to pay the piper. Too bad he didn't realize that his poor reaction would have a worse one at another time.

I am not terribly sympathetic to his cause, he needs to learn to behave himself and not be mean to others in order to get what he wants, which is friends.

this is Bert trying to pack himself and have his own way about everything. Typical Tabby.