Monday, April 5, 2010

Getting ready for summer.

Are you ready? It is coming, yet it is only spring, barely the grass has risen.
Summer, what is summer to you? Our summer is a time of intense planning. We have classes to schedule, plans to make and decisions to make.

This summer our son could have been in Driver's Ed. We decided that he needed to take 2 credit classes instead as he needs to keep his study hall during the school year. This study hall is a real help to him, and is a good way to check in with his case manager during the day. He needs it. We decided that he would have to take an art class and a computers class this summer and then decide if he wanted to take a thing called ESY. I think he should take it but if there isn't a lot of time left then maybe it should be abandoned for the year... from what we gathered he doesn't really qualify for it anyway. That in itself was a shock to us. He is disabled but so high functioning that he doesn't qualify for things? What next? According to the National Insitute of Health people with Aspergers can, "With effective treatment, children with AS can learn to cope with their disabilities, but they may still find social situations and personal relationships challenging. Many adults with AS are able to work successfully in mainstream jobs, although they may continue to need encouragement and moral support to maintain an independent life." Cool, huh?

Having 3 or more days of undiluted boy is pretty wearing. We were exhausted after having him home constantly and working with him and training and all that. My mental facilities are at a low point my patience with the boy is minimal and I was happy to send him off to school today. Best place for him and all of us.

Today, I am encouraged. Today the sun is out, the day is clear and the lights are shining through. Today, it is a good day. There are no guareentees for tomorrow, or the rest of the week. But for today, we are ready to bring on the summer.

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