Sunday, April 18, 2010


My son disappointed me this evening. He dragged his buds with him. He knew the rules and knew vidieo games were not allowed. He located a play station controller anyway, I thought I had taken them all out of his bedroom. Guess I missed one.
His friend was going to show him how to play a game, after I had explicitly instructed my son NOT to play video games or do anything like that, they had books and board games. I informed my son he had lost any and all Television shows for a month. The disrespect shown to me in my home was beyond anything he had done before. Now part of me is rejoicing over the atypicality of this situation. He tried to lie and cover up and he got busted big time (our kids don't do that, the lies i mean, it really is a huge gain). Nonetheless, he deserves his punishment and is grounded from telelvision viewing purposes for a month and may loose the TV out of his bedroom on a semi premanent basis. He did it, it was his own fault and he knew better.
Disappointment with me is more than anger (this goes for anyone, not just my son). For me to be disappointed with him it means I am beyond hurt by the fact that he has no respect for me as a parent. I don't care that they were bored. There were plenty of board games and books in that room to look at. As one of his friends said, "It is a sentance for one and all." This was after I had informed my son's friend that this home is not a democracy and there is not defense for breaking a direct command. I refused to listen to the defense and that it is better to show them that I am not a push-over parent who has no standards. I get the feeling his buds don't like me much.
Am I a bad parent? No, I don't think so. Am I strict? Yes, I am. Do I have high standards? Yes I do. Would I tolerate a direct violation of what I told him, NO I won't. As parents you shouldn't either.
So many kids argue back, mine does. I will state here and now, when I tell him I am disappointed with his behavior he KNOWS he was wrong and he had better monitor the show and fix it fast to make certain this doesn't happen again.
I guess Mom here plays hardball. But I did tuck him in bed, and make certain he was warm and sleeping we hve a big day tomorrow. I do love my kid.
tonight my love for him is tinged with disappointment with his behavior and lack of respect.

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