Saturday, April 10, 2010

Managing Mom's Mental Health

Oh, and I don't mean my Mom's I mean MINE.

Today was nuts. The boy came home yesterday and informed me that there was a track and field event today, all day, so he would miss church, and come home sometime later. I was able to reach a coach to let them know we wouldn't be able to pick the boy up today from the meet. Fortunately, a generous soul (in the form of a HS junior or senior) gave our kid a lift home.

So how does all this affect my mental health. Well, to start, the boy was pissy because we didn't pack gym shorts in a bag that he is supposed to be in charge of and couldn't be in the team picture. Frankly, this is STUPID, it isn't like there is a team uniform for these guys anyway. The throwers (shot put and discus) are big burly guys that are taller than I am and just huge. I can imagine they eat their families out of house and home on a meet day.

Anyhow, the meltdown and fit that followed that the boy was pissy was enmou...oh heck, it was huge. I was so upset I ended up taking a piece of my "happy pills" (FYI -baby aspirin) to calm down and then just got tired and worn out. These meltdowns and threats are taking its toll on both the husband and I. In fact, the loss of the treasured handheld game system and specific games are the punishment for putting us through that first thing this AM is now in place. As I pointed out to my son, it is my job to keep clothes clean, it is not my job to make sure you have all the stuff you need in your smelly old gym bag. That is your job, and you need to check it in the evening to make sure it is ready to go. I think it got thru but still, it is a bit of a let down or wear down when you are doing your best and the kid is still blaming you for everything under the sun.

Time for a time out for Mom, but I will tell you that when I get the "look" in my eyes the boy does go running. I think it is time for him to be responsible for the nasty gym bag and ick within. It probably isn't really icky, but it does smell, and I only go near it with lysol or something in my hands. PHEW. He is now planning on checking it when he gets home from school (a first). Fortunately, he did remember to thank the kid for a ride home; at least if he is being a jerk to us he is at least polite to strangers.

AFter all this garbage, my mental health is OK. I am not good at this at home stuff (how did my Mom do this, it is SO BORING), and then dealing with an Aspie meltdown today, my nerves are a tad shot to poop. I know it is all part of being a mom, but as my dear husband pointed out to me, if we had a regular one we may have had more kids....right now we can barely manage the house, boy and three kitty cat brothers. I can't imagine having another human running around in here. Thankfully, my friend, told me that I need to be at home because this is the start of where I am supposed to be and I need to be patient. Good thing I didn't have mascara on, I bawled like a baby. I absolutely LOVE our small group.... the best group of people that get what goes on... this lady KNEW I was at the end of my proverbial rope and gave me a mental boost. IT was a good thing too.

So where does all this go and what in the heck does it have to do with Austim? It has to do with being able to talk to people, friends, family or your favorite pysch (or 2, I have 3 that I like). Being in a group of like families is helpful, we can talk and figure out life and what to do and just be. Thank you GOD!