Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I read a book last night

Yeah, big surprise right? Most of the time I am reading pop fiction, or classics. I rarely read a book about living with an Aspie. Why? Mostly cause I am doing it myself and I get frustrated easily. Kind of like that wretched show Parenting (I barely make it thru the credits). They show an autistic boy become "cured" and playing ball with an instructor and some girls. In this venue Ron Howard is an idiot of unproportioned view (mine that is). He is making it look easy and that makes it bad on the rest of us. Other reg paretns think, "Oh hey that is a cake walk, do it right and there won't be any problems. Why are you so dumb?" Here's a challenge, "Hey, Mr. Howard, haul your fat CA butt here and deal with my son for a month or two. My husband and I need a break and don't have the money for a nanny." THEN write your program and tell everyone how fun it is to live with an autistic child (mines a teenager, so mix the hormones in there too).

I think my favorite part in Shonda Schilling's book was about the negotiating for 14 million a year. Must of been a tragedy for them, poor things, she might not have been able to afford the nanny to take care of the kids because she was overwhelmed. DUH, yeah you are supposed to be overwhelmed sweetheart, you have kids. What about those of us who don't get help? What about the kids who struggle becasue of the insurance issues, what about the problems socially that most kids have. Honey, your kids have friends. Mine has a couple, one that comes over regularly, and acquaintances that he knows from school. The phone never rings for him...yet she is complaining, and then to mention the "attack" on her verbally by other parents about Little League. That thing is a serious business, and let me tell you the more into it you are the more serious it is, as the wife of a pro baseball player, you of all people should know that these underclass folks are in it to make their kids pros. DUH! As you say, they might not make it, but these parents have a dream, and that dream is to live off their kids when they make it big in a sport, or at least get college paid for.

Otherwise, what I got out of that book, is that they live sort of the way we all do, sans the nanny and gobs of money. I couldn't figure out if they have 1 or more nannies, but it sounded like just 1. I am impressed about her melanoma foundation, and she has done some useful things, at least that is the way it sounds. It seems like her experiences are almost written like an out of body experience, not like there is any emotional attachment. Overall, I am rather ambivelant about her book. I enjoy that everyone's Top Ten lists are so different, to me that is funny, and I believe that although she is trying, it would have been better to have put some more feeling into the story. This may be becasue my friends and I are living it ourselves, and we know what is going to happen. For example with the evaluations and such, that part was hard for her to write about, it was hard for me to write about it in my book too. But there are details about the evals that are really necessary to make it real in the story. Wish she could read mine, but that would never happen....then she would know what an ed eval is like, it doesn't sound like they ever had one. Those are a ton of fun!

Anyway, read the book, watch the program, make your own opinions. These are merely mine, so don't give my husband a bad time about it as he hasn't read the book yet and may not be as hard nosed as I am.