Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yesterday, Dairy and the Boy.

Yesterday was weird.

For me, overall, a decent day, I had to run around with a friend and do some things that needed done. For the boy though, he was lost in a fog of panic, fear and negative thinking. It is scary to see your kid like that, it was a throwback to the dairy days when his ped was recommending 64 oz of milk daily and our son was a mess.

Being lactose intolerant is something that many Americans and others have to deal with. The fallacy is that everyone should be drinking milk all the time. Yes, milk is good for you, and yes you should be able to digest it just fine, but NO if you are not able to should you drink it raw or have uncooked foods with dairy/milk/cheese in it.

When food is cooked, the enzymes change, our son is able to tolerate a small amount of dairy in cooked food. According to what I have been reading and seeing lactose intolerance is something that can be developed over time. Isn't that interesting? I had thought it was genetic, and here it is something that can be environmental.

The National Institute of Health has a site

That discusses lactose intolerance. Although, this is not a term we have used with our son, I am beginning to think that we need to use it. His inability to digest the proteins in an all-dairy meal makes things very hard for him. His emotionalism and his inability to control his feelings are a reaction to the strong amount of uncooked dairy in his food.

So what does this mean in the long term? Well, I am thinking we need to get some Lactaid and then get a digestive enzyme to help the processes. This is a touchy issue; there are soy, rice, almond, and other things one can use instead of dairy. There is nothing wrong with dairy. I LOVE the stuff personally. However, when my kid is having problems and that is the most recent thing he has eaten. It is like Emeril's "BAM" suddenly, it all makes sense.

In the end, watch what your child is eating. If necessary contact the school, mentioned that mozzarella sticks is NOT a meal but a shared appetizer, and ask for their help. Generally, a school will cooperate with you, as they want your kid to learn to make better choices too. Makes their job easier.