Monday, March 15, 2010

Stuff to do- we have lists.

It is different when your kid needs stuff to do. He doesn't have his buddies call, their Mom's do, to organize activities and decided the whens and wheres. To me, it feels weird. I always had my friends calling or I called them and we went out and did whatever.

My son doesn't have that experience. If he goes to the movies, it is with a group organized from the school on a Friday night. If he talks to people at lunch, it is with a teacher who keeps the conversation going. He wants to do the social stuff, but doesn't know what to say to peers. He has his interests; but most kids aren't into the stuff he likes.

His abilities are sometimes negligible. I tell people, if you watch the barometric pressure, you can tell when the kids will be wacky. It changes so much here that during the season changes we are constantly watching to see what is going on with the boy. Now this makes him sound like a regular nut job. He isn't. He is really a nice kid who needs to have a maturity level that is higher than what he currently has.

I have heard that he will be better as time goes on. There are people who tell us that he reminds them of Seniors who are doing well and have friends and do stuff with them. I hope so. I hope for my son that he will take off and fly and do well. He has the foundation, we have tried our best to help him learn the stuff.

A big decision was made a week ago though, we are pulling him from social skills classes. Frankly, he started them late, he has learned it all and chooses not to use the skills he has learned. We can't force him to do it, so why continue the classes? It doesn't make good sense. This choice may be changed at a later time, but right now we need a break. There is too much with school, sports, homework, and if he does go to an activity or church, we are overloaded. Extra classes on top of all that is too much. Most of the time we make him work ahead on weekends, drives at least one of his teachers nuts, because we aren't home to do the work.

I wonder if Jenny McCarthy struggles with the same things? Her son is cured of his issues, and then treating the wrong, I know I would be exhausted and frustrated all at once.

Anyhow, we are going to be going through changes this summer and fall, hopefully things change, but if they don't they don't. We will have to see what happens.