Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some of the not so fun....dealing with stomachs

Ok, this is NOT the fun part. It isn't. Our son has a dairy issue. from what we can tell, not all dairy, just the uncooked stuff. Drinking a lot of milk will plug him up and if he doesn't listen or decides not to tell it just gets worse. He doesn't want me to worry but then when he doesn't tell, I end up having to do things that I find really icky. Besides going to the doctor that is.

Recently, he got plugged, really plugged, so plugged he missed practice and was in the bathroom for an hour trying to go at school plugged. this is obviously not a good thing. When we got him home we did what we were told to do. It sort of worked, although I ended up cleaning the bathroom after his time in it.

I get worried when his stomach looks bloated, and the thing is, he is too young to see a reg gastro and too old for pediatric about this. It is very difficult, becuase the ped will sent us to a urologist, and they did their show and can't help further. We are going to try to see a gastro this week if we can, but because of his size and age I don't know if we will get in. I know that TACA has some stuff about this and pooping, I don't disagree with them, however, when the kid is out at school and purchasing food for himself he has to think about his choices.

Ours has made the wrong ones and now we have a lot more for him to go through. Teaching independence means teaching the right choices, and if the kids make the wrong ones it us UP to the parents to determine that and instruct to the right way of doing things. This AM I had to point out to my son, that drinking a chocolate milk and eating pizza daily is what plugged him up. He needs to drink juice with pizza and pick something else to eat as well, either a salad or fruit. He didn't take it well and was unhappy about his stomach pains.
Ergo another trip to a doctor.

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