Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Like it? I made it up myself, and I am chuffed because it sounds cool, "My son, he is "over-therapatized"." Whoosh, now doesn't that sound like some one is important? Really what it is; a kid who has seen way too much therapy in their young years.

That sounds awful. It really isn't. Therapy was a safe place for my son to learn a lot of things: speech for one, learning to tie his shoes and write (neither very well), and perception.

Didn't expect that one did you?

Perception... it is huge with our Aspie kids. My son's perception is, well, a little off. His idea of teasing is one sided. It is OK if he does it but he doesn't understand it if someone else does it. I tell him he has to take what he dishes out and not complain or whine about it. Harsh, no not really. Realistic? Yeah, I think so.

How many of us would LOVE to have our kids have gobs of friends and be popular. Cool right? Well, heck yeah. I love having my son's friend over. It is good for both of them, although it is better if they play outside...they can burn off energy and THEN play the video games. It is very rare that my son has a friend over; mostly, we don't know a lot of people... which sounds stupid as I grew up here, but we really don't have a lot of people that are on our wavelength.

Anyhow, the perception thing comes in where it is harder for an Aspie kid to figure out why someone is doing something...for example, boinking someone on the back of the head with a pencil. Why would someone do that? Dumb,but if you want someones attention...it is sort of effective, right? Similar to my son poking me in the shoulder. Oh man, that drives me bonkers. He gets attention, but not the kind he wants. By the time that tenth finger taps my shoulder I am not exactly pleasant (OK I am snarling). What I am trying to say, is once he understood that it annoyed me beyond belief his perception that it was OK to get my attention that way stopped.

I think that if perception is EXPLAINED in an appropriate, or understandable manner an Aspie can realize or at least be trained (see prior posts) to comprehend what others are feeling. A doc or therapist would tear me apart for that one, but I still contend that these kids can be TRAINED to behave and learn and function in society. As I tell my son, leave the stimming at the front door, then go out and do what you have to then work it through the day and bring it home and figure out what to do from there. Ergo, the therapy portion, just not too much therapy or it is like a over-soaked sponge, no more will get in.

PHEW- threw a lot at you this time right?

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