Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Time?

Tonight was the last social skills class. If you don't know what that is it is a class for boys that meets weekly for a period of time to learn how to act "normally". Pretty much, our son has gotten out of it all he can; he either chooses to do it or not. Most of the time not. Many times the boys sound "scripted", which I kind of don't like, it takes away the personality of the thing. That bothers me.

I sound kind of negative about this social skills class stuff. I think it is good for kids to meet each other and hang out, I think it is bad because once the class is over, unless the parents make pals it is pretty much it. Our kids won't call each other and if the parents can't hit it off, well the story is pretty much played out.

Fortunately, we have some friends we met that way. They are great and we have a lot of fun together. It is really cool. Our lives are brighter, and more colorful with the friends in this group. We care about each other and it is great to know what is going on and if everyone is OK and that we can have each others backs if necessary.

Anyway, this free time thing, it will be different for us. Since we aren't rejoining our gym (they tripled the cost) and are going to start up walking for 30 min an evening, it seems like we will have a little more time to get out and around our neighborhood. Maybe it sounds goofy, but I am actually looking forward to not having to go to the gym and take 2 hours out of our evening 3 nights or more a week. We can decide again in the fall if we want to rejoin, but the place we were going basically kicked us to the curb.

It isn't like the gym is a bad place; it isn't, but we are tired. Tired of driving far away, tired of going all the time, tired of just being tired. That kind of thing. It takes a lot out of you when you know things need to be done and it is just really exhausting to work around so many schedules. A lot of times we will take the summer off from therapy and such, just to get a break in. I used to just take a week. When we moved, I changed it to a month. This time it might be longer. It depends on how things are going.