Sunday, March 21, 2010

To med or not to med, that is the question.

Ah the age old question of medding or not medding your kid.

You have NO idea what I am talking about right? That is OK, I will explain.

Medication is a real touchy issue. We struggled with it for years. I will tell you I refused to consider it until my son was over the age of 5, and even then I regarded it with trepidation and a lot of fear. When we started the med component, I wanted to make certain that it didn't do things to his liver, heart, stomach and all that. Not a big list at all right? The school was threatening me, telling me I HAD to do something with meds, or they would report me. Report me for what? Not wanting to experiment on my kid? Whatever.

We started with different things, and I came up with the vitamin component on my own. I wanted to be sure that if we were doing this thing at least his body would get appropriate vitamins and I didn't feel so bad about doing the med thing. The first several meds didn't work. At All. In fact, the teachers told us they did work, and were working, but then we told them he was on meds. At one point, when we changed docs we had to do a thing I call "baselining" that means taking him off of everything for 6 months. Putting it mildly, the teachers had a cow.... and I dreaded the afternoon phone calls and e-mails.

When we started the new med, we didn't tell ANYONE. It was a big secret, we didn't even tell my parents. We needed to KNOW if this was gonna work. I was terrified. Slowly we saw signs of progress at home. Very slowly, we noticed that he would play quietly in his room, or clean up his toys without being asked. Then the school called. He was able to work in the classroom and do the worksheets. He was participating in class. He did his homework with little less help.

We were taking him off the meds when he wasn't in school. That didn't work so well although the doc told us it would be fine. It didn't seem like he needed them when he was at home, so we sometimes would forget to give it to him.... he did that well without it so why do it. Mostly, this goes on during the summer, as there isn't as much stress with papers, homework and such.

Eventually, we told the school we opted for meds. We do other things too, like working out, eating right (little or no junk food) and vitamins. Everything in moderation, and maybe this will help you answer the age old question, "To med or not to med."

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