Friday, March 19, 2010

The views on flexibility.

This is a topic that came up with my Mom. She was discussing what was going on at school with me and how we were dealing with certain issues. Initially, she thought I had "gone off the bend" with teaching my son how to be flexible. She couldn't comprehend the necessity of being flexible about what happens outside the home. Her attitude was a typical one, "Really, what is the point?"

Well, there are several points. the first is that being flexible in a work environment is seen as a positive force of nature. People LIKE working with others who are seen as being able to do many things and able to work with almost everyone, even the more difficult people. Being able to handle jobs or tasks in a flexible way is a real plus in this market economy.

Being flexible doesn't mean being "best friends" with people. It means being able to adjust quickly to a possible hostile environment. Which would apply to school, or a job, depending on where you are in life. Teaching flexibility is another matter. It isn't just taught at school, it is done in the home. My husband and I are viewed as extremely flexible (not physically, it would kill us) but otherwise, we are pretty easy to deal with. There isn't much that can rattle us and we do work hard to keep things together and work through difficult areas.

There isn't much we won't discuss at home or with the school (much to their dismay). We are pretty tight on rules and what is done, like homework or teamwork, and when things need to happen. Believe it or not, I believe that being on some kind of sports team teaches our kids flexibility. You don't get to pick what you do, you get told by the coach and you had better do it or else. Being a kid on a team, learning how to act and what to do, it is all part of the training for life. Whether any of us like it or not, the same goes for being flexible.