Friday, March 19, 2010

This is weird....

We have had a lot on our plates this year. Making cuts to our schedule is really a big deal. Normally that doesn't happen and we are pretty tight on what gets done when and how we do it. Stopping stuff, it hit me tonight, we are stopping going to the gym. Just not going. Done. wow.

Lately it has been harder, maybe we are getting older, or the boy is just too big to push into the car. Whichever it is, part of me is suspicious of this kind of change... are we getting lazy? Frankly, we deserve to be lazy. Tonight was the first night I have watched "Dateline" in about 4 years. My son was in shock. I rarely ever watch something that isn't "educational" or "real". I was watching what I call "smut" TV. I wasn't really interested in the program, but I did like having my blanky and sitting. It was nice. He couldn't believe it when I didn't stop watching the program to go get into what he was doing. For what it was, it was "Mom Time."

On a similar note, this is the first spring break we have no plans. Nuthin', nada, zippo. We are staying home, doing a home project, getting a shower gift ready, working on his paper, and then we are good to go. Since we are living differently (OK we are as poor as church mice), it has been an adjustment to the boy. He is not used to not being able to go somewhere or do something. Last year we met Gwen Wright from the show History Detectives. This year, well, um...... we might go by Grandma's and drive her crazy.

I think with all of these changes we are in for a treat. It is really great that we are slowing the outside activities down. WE are cutting out things that we did need but don't need anymore. We are tired, of a lot of stuff, but mostly of just the constant moving.

Thinking a thought, writing things down, petting kittens; man,this is weird.