Monday, March 29, 2010

The first day back to school

It always is the same.

the first day back to school, whether it be in the fall, winter, spring or summer is generally a challenge. I don't think it is the kid really, although the stress is high and he is nervous. It is the chattering. It is constant. Kind of like the "Chatty Cathy" doll only higher pitched and more obnoxious.

Right now, my son is in bed. Thank goodness. He has lost video game privileges indefinitely. Although we may have to relent for the upcoming family party or go completely insane. He had spent the before bed time yelling and carrying on about how he was going to bring 2 heavy cookbooks to school to give his teacher ideas for the class.

From my perspective, he has a computer bag that is limping along. I sewed it and made some major repairs so it is usable for just his computer, and a large binder that carries all of his classroom materials. His gym bag is full, he needs a change of clothing for his afternoon workout and a snack, so that is packed.

There is no room for extras.

Trying to get the kid to think beyond his nose is another story. He has the bags, which are not fully functional (a strong wind and it will all be on the ground), why can't he use them? he doesn't need to bring stuff. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common Aspie trait. His one buddy does the same thing. Our son knows the game too. He does, "I am feeling insecure so I NEED to bring this ______." or "I will get bored in the car." (for a less than 5 minute trip).

Give me a break!

After the hissy fit he threw this evening, I threw in the towel. Sent him straight to bed, walked over to his game table, picked up the hand held video system and took it, then the charger straight out of his room. No turning back baby! He is blaming me for his problems. when it is HIM making the poor choices, acting like he is 3 and telling me that I am too strict. Kid, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

These are the times when I want to think he is like a "gen" kid. I want to believe he is normal in there somewhere. All I can do is hope that he comes out of all of this with some degree of normalcy and that he is able to got to college, cooking school and get a job. Now, he tells me he doesn't know if he wants to make the same thing over and over like many chefs do because he might get bored. SO WHAT! GET BORED. It won't hurt him to suffer some boredom; that is what most jobs are... boring. After this evening though, I have to wonder....will he make it? What will happen to him when his Dad and I are dead? Will he need help and who would help him? What if those people are gone too? What then? SO many what ifs when the boy acts like he has gone through the stupid forest and hit every tree twice.

I know, I am in a snit myself right now; itching for a battle (so stay out of my way), after what he has put me through. Put it this way if you are going to yell at me you better have a really good reason; he doesn't have a good reason. The kid has annoyed the heck out of me and it has been nothing but an argument since he got up this morning. Then badgering me over some dumb video game and asking me again and again to look for something he lost. You want it you look for it. Don't ask me to take care of it for you.

I love the first day back to school.

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