Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doing things we don't want to do.

Do you remember the interview with Jenny McCarthy and Larry King? The one where she mentioned collecting feces to be tested for her kid? I remember that interview and thought, "Oh I will never have to do that." Well, guess what? I have to do it.

Due to a side effect from one of our son's medications the doc wants a sample for Monday AM. As he put it, "The fresher the sample is the better. Be sure to check every visit to the bathroom." OH UGH! I am not the girl that does this kind of stuff. In fact I am so totally grossed out I feel like I want to be sick. I know, the practical side of me says we need to be worried the "plug" has been released and all the stuff with it, well lets just say it doesn't look so good.

This kind of stuff makes me feel really inadequate as a parent. I am not medically minded by any means and dealing with this just makes me ill. I am not a medical type. My family members laugh when they hear that I am doing some of this stuff; procedures that other people do. Not someone like me.

I am worried and scared. What if something is really wrong with my son and his intestines? what if there is more problems than we can deal with. What if....