Saturday, March 13, 2010

What started this blog was a recent IEP (Independent Education Program). For those of you that don't speak acronym that means that there was a meeting at my child's school that was horrible. Let's say beyond horrible. Let's say totally sucked.

Anyway, after the school meeting we were talking to one of our child's docs about writing a book or just doing something to vent and it just seemed like talking from a parents point of view for a kid on the Autism spectrum really needed to get out there. There is a lot to be said, from just the viewpoint of what do to, what may work, what may not and how to deal with plain ole ignorance if someone is just plain thoughtless.

From looking at Jenny McCarthy, and the pain of what she has gone through with her son. What sounds like a tragic misdiagnosis to seeing her dealing with the public. My heart just spoke and decided that talking about this from our, parents, viewpoint needed to be done. We are hoping that with our experiences, Jenny McCarthy, and others will be able to help the general community in understanding what living on the edge, Aspie style is like.
Join us in our experiences and if you have a comment, or just want to talk about issues, we may be up for that too. For right now lets just get on the beast and ride and see how it goes.

Our ride has been pretty wild, we didn't have a diagnosis, then we did then we didn't know we did then the doc didn't know we didn't know. Yeah, nuts right? Well that is what happens when you don't know what to ask, how to ask it or why. It comes from being overwhelmed and under informed or just not knowing about the right things to ask or say. It happens.

Now this is not the place where we will judge anyone for that. Good grief, going through a diagnosis is painful enough, and seeing what needs to be done is even more icky. From the group that talks poop to the meds you could get reviled for, no one at this place is out to judge anyone. It is not our call. It is all here, the pain the OMG what do I do now, the goodness that doc is a moron. You will read, digest and learn.... best of all, it is gonna be a WILD RIDE baby!