Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Paula Dean Ham

Did you know that the Paula Deen Hams are really good?
I know, bake it all in a stick of butter, a vat of oil and then roll it in a large strip of bacon.

seriously, the hams are that good and we got the last one at the store tonight.

We wonder where the boy gets the OCD from. Duh. It is from us. We had to drive out of the way to pick up the ham for dinner with my mom, the boy and us for the coming holiday. Really it is very funny. The cuter one and I were making fun of each other during the trip....

The other night the cuter one and I were looking for something. The cuter half had decided that the boy could earn his handheld gaming systems back for 10 min intervals daily and 1x for 10 min on the weekends. truthfully this is against my better judgement. I don't beleive the boy is capable of such self control and I am certain the boy will end up getting pissed off and having the systems forcibly taken away from him again.

The cuter half keeps trying with this video game system crap and although I would like to smack him upside his head and ask him where his common sense is. I do realize that the cuter half is trying to help the boy in the long run by not making the game systems a taboo. Similar to kids who party and drink too much moving from home, video games could end up as something totally addictive and very bad for a kid like ours. My fears come from experience; while playing Mario several years back the boy took a good swing at me when I told him it was time for bed. At that point he lost the right to having the systems in his bedroom. Then he lost the handheld and was only allowed to play the other while jumping around and using a TON of body movement. After incidents like that I am much more wary....and I don't allow the video games, I have the internet essentially shut off for extended periods during the day and other things are done at very restricted intervals.This new thing that the cuter half tells me the boy has earned back is a little unnerving to me.

I don't like video games. Never have. The cuter half talked me into the first handheld system when the boy was 10. My dad had passed away and the boy was depressed and very unhappy (who wasn't but the boy needed a TON of support during that time). It was soemthing the boy wanted pretty badly and I kept saying "No" Then the cuter half kept telling me it would help the boy and we should allow it. I didn't have any experience with video games but the little I knew I wasn't wild over the idea. It did keep the boy quiet and helped the boy calm down and not be so upset....he was able to heal and detach a little. It sort of helped but is also gave him the perception that life was like a video game and that is something we have had to work through.

Although totally unrelated, when the boy was little I had the TV programmed to 2 stations. Both PBS programming or videos that were previewed and preapproved by me. Ask anyone, I was the pickiest mom ever regarding TV. In fact the boy didn't know other channels existed until the cuter one showed him what they were. The boy also thought video games were only in certain places and certainly NOT something we had at home.

The cuter half tells me we can't ban video games for life or the boy would end up like a gen moving away to college and drinking. So to allieviate all that; I suppose we have to allow the video games....(NO DRINKING IN THE HOME THOUGH so don't be stupid and think we would allow that- geez get a grip will you). I just get nervous....the boy is much more argumentative after messing with the video games; I have to plan on taking the handheld systems to work with me during the day (otherwise he sits on his fat butt all day and does nothing). Then we have to go into that damn argument about some stupid video game club at is not worth it.

I think this time the cuter half should handle it. Kind of like the cute one not liking the answers I give him when the doctor calls....he can just take care of this video game system fight himself....I will back away, and watch. Then if I have to I may start going to get some coffee or something on the way home just to be out of the way when the meltdowns happen after the boy looses the video game systems again. Like the boy, it seems like the cuter half may need an "object lesson", at least this time.

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